Thursday, June 12, 2014


heyyyyyyyyy gs

bleh i dont want to post

ok gob

maybe gob just watched cap2 and tasm2 and they were so great that they killed him

para im not gonna respond to your responding to me responding to your responses to my comic thoughts because theres nothing left to say. except you dumb

well i dont need to listen to your fanmix to kno for sure cuz i can tell by the songs and lyrics that its good. dwai

i dont kno who kingpin is but it dont really matter cuz hearing bout a white guy being cast to play anyone ever always makes me frown

nice day

wow. theres no words for the stuff. you know the stuff

oooo nice fanmix!!!!! i listened to this one already haha. wow i did not kno that that was the issue you picked out. welp. also why do you have a ssm playlist thats yucky.

today i bopped around, cleaned my room, bopped around, cleaned my room, ate a bagel and waffles some time in there, ate fettuccine alfredo after all that, learned how to get gas at some point in there, other

bleh last night i finished orange is the new black and i jsut want to die until season 3. i wont say my thouhgts because theres no words

ok i should start getting mad eye jamz probably. good thing we have all these fanmixes. wow today i was looking for some oitnb fanmixes but they were basically all for piper/alex which i do not care for. thanks. for nothing.

well i failed to complete my fanmix for today. just destroy me. its fine

who wishes everyone would shut their star trek yappers. i just could not care less about the next generation. i miss when para liked comics

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