Monday, June 23, 2014

chapter 3

The next morning after the party, Kitty felt really bad. She had had so much pizza. She wanted to get that old man named Bucky and go to the beach. She looked everywhere but Bucky couldn't be spotted even when she went in his special place so she decided to call her friend named Wolverine and ask him if he wanted to go to the beach with her. When Wolverine answered he sounded grumpy so she hung up and called her pal, named Captain Marvel instead. Captain Marv said, "Hey, little Kitty! What is this? Why are you calling this number?" Kitty realized that she was a little Kitty. Then she hung up again. Next she tried her best friend, named Magneto and asked him about his life. Magneto was just living life. She said, "Wow!" and hung up again. Kitty wondered if she would ever find love.

Meanwhile, MJ decided to go to the beach but Gwen didn't like the way she looked. MJ said, "Please tell me what you want to see when you look at me." Gwen said. "I love you, but I don't know how to love someone." Then MJ started throwing up. Gwen ran into a wall.

Meanwhile, Captain Stacy was looking at a picture of Spider-Man. This happened just because Spider-Man looked so good. Captain Stacy was in his office just then and remembered that he really needed some pizza. "Hmmm, pizza!" he said.

Meanwhile, Thor and Captain America were just about to get some pizza. They saw a man named Stacy and said, "We know you. You love Spider-Man." Then Stacy threw up. So they left. He felt embarrassed so he whispered to himself. "I feel embarrassed." Just when Thor was about to order his good pizza he heard a whisper but he ignored this.

Meanwhile, Captain Britain was just watching the best show called Hey There Little England. He loved this show but he had too much love for it. So now he wanted to go outside. Unfortunately, his door was gone. "What the?" he whispered. He didn't really know why that came out of him. Then he went outside. He crawled around his yard. He saw all his grass. "What happened to my life?" he wondered. Luckily, he could always count on his friend, Thor. He called up Thor but when he reached the man he discovered that Thor was eating pizza. "I'm so busy!" said Thor and hung up. Captain Britain could not believe his ears so he cut off them. When he did this it felt bad. Thor heard nothing because he was in America. He didn't stop eating his pizza. Cap said, "This pizza is so good!" They loved pizza. Just then, the door burst into flames. The guy who had ignited the door was Captain Stacy. He looked afraid. So Thor said. "Don't be afraid." And Captain America said, "You need to love youself. Don't ignite doors." So Captain Stacy said, "Okay." But he wanted to tell them that he didn't know why he loved what he loved. They all thought about their favorite kind of pizza. Just then, the doorbell rang. It was Spider-Man. Captain America screamed, "Hey there, Spider-Man! You want to eat me!" "What the?" said Spide. He didn't know why those guys were there because everyone looked at their phones. Thor said, "My phone is gone! Where did you put it?" Spider-Man said. "Somewhere good."

Meanwhile, a small guy named Johnny was just about to ignite his door. He gave his door a kiss before setting it on fire. "I love fire!" he screamed. He also loved Spider-Man so he decided to call him right up. But when he answered he said, "Thor's phone is mine!" Johnny said, "Okay."

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