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Hey gs!

Happy birthday, Gob!!!!!

Too bad you are dead!!!!!!!!!! :(

Yeah we shoulda seen that darn X-Men then. Okay we'll just go see it we'll just do it. Sometime.

Tbh yeah Steve Rogers would do that.

Lol Riker is from Star Trek tng

I wish Gob was alive to weigh in on all this Star Wars stuff we're talking about tho

Haha tyt about my fanmix!  There's no words for yours either tbh

Nice lil day

Say hello to my lil friends

Okay it's gonna be let's talk about comics time but I still have all the comics from last week to talk about too so I guess I'll start with those tho there isn't as much to say about those I think

Fantastic Four #5
*Oh Betty
*I don't really get why this trial thing is happening rn
*Wow Reed you really hecked up
*I like how that guy was like blah blah blah The Hulk and then Jen was like do you mean my cousin, Bruce? because that wasn't v clear if he meant Bruce he should have said He-Hulk haha
*Why's there so many different artists on this book just why
*I'm surprised they didn't bring up Spider-Man at all considering everyone hates him rn
*Nooo the children!!!!!!!!! Awww poor Sue that's so sad
*It is Jim Hammond I was right

Ms. Marvel #4
*"I'm not Ms. Marvel" "Sorry, Captain Marvel" lol
*Well she didn't actually save the place really she kind of destroyed it
*I thought she couldn't shapeshift when she was healing but then she did it anyway by getting really big??
*oh Hawkeye
*I thought people in the Marvel universe couldn't recognize people's voices through masks cause I mean if they can then...what is even happening w Spidey and others what do they do
*What's the point of the fanny pack tho
*Wow Kamala is too small she has to be destroyed sorry those are the rules

Giant-Size Spider-Man #1
*Wow they made a mistake they called this giant size Spider-Man but Spider-Man is really small in it
*That lil baby omg
*"Petey!" pls kill me
*Wow Uncle Ben you hecked up that's really rusty
*Wow this is too sad why was this created
*Poor Peter but also poor Uncle Ben :(
*Well this first story is p much the same as always but it's still cute
*Why was he chasing those mimes or whatever
*At least he's wearing underwear this time???
*The art in this part looks weird tho
*"I'm too young for this" aw buddy
*Who is Mr. Rodriguez even
*"You're just as slippery as they say" lol
*Oh Flash
*Wow Spider-Man is scary because he always threatens people with dentists that's scary
*Oh I guess Mr. Rodriguez is the counselor or whatever
*Well idk if he really has ptsd in this comic but I think tasm Peter would benefit from talking to a counselor or something about that
*Cute Peter and Aunt May hug just why

Okay now it's time for this week's

Original Sin #3
*Wow just wow
*Thor is really excited about his sister I guess
*So am to believe that Bucky has been killing those underground guys for decades?
*When I was reading this I was thinking Bucky was a smart cookie but now
*Would Wolverine or Hulk be the good cop lol
*Maybe Nick Fury has so many secrets that the eyeball couldn't decide which one was the juiciest
*That head planet freaked me out
*"No more turning a blind eye" is this really a good time for puns Bucky

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #2
*Wait what happened to Norman's beard that he had???
*Okay I really don't think Peter is a clone
*Because first of all the clone thing is been done so much that would be boring
*Second of all if it was a clone there's no doubt Bendis would draw out that reveal for a really long time and wouldn't have Miles just guess it right right away
*Third of all okay I know people are saying that he's not acting like Peter but it's been two? years and we don't know what's happened to him and I think he's acting perfectly normal under the circumstances
*The only thing that makes me think it MIGHT not be Peter is that if it is why doesn't he just make some new webshooters? Though maybe he don't have time before he has to do whatever he has to do idk
*Well if he is a clone he's a v cute clone he lookin good
*But like I said I don't think he's a clone
*And if he is like what does it matter why is everyone making such a big deal like is he a clone or not I mean Gwen is a clone too right???
*But okay when Miles is squishing his face that's so small
*Can I just say though that this is kind of really similar to that fic I read
*Wow Miles telling ult Pete about 616 Pete this is amazing
*This is the most awkward meeting of legacy characters I've ever experienced I can't remember any other time when a character came back from the dead and told the person who had taken up the mantle that no one had asked them to do that
*I really really hope he's not a clone or anything like that not just because I want Peter back but also because I like that idea that Miles and maybe a lot of other people have kind of this idealized vision of Peter and he's not really the perfect guy they think he was/is
*In other news Peter's hair is so nice
*I don't get why everyone things those fly twin guys are spider-men when they don't look anything like Spider-Man????
*Ganke is always so calm it seems I bet he's nice to be around like just a nice calming presence idk
*"Well then, Peter Parker had a great tush and I'm man enough to admit that" I can't believe
*She either dies from the shock or kills you lol
*Ughhhh I don't think Miles should tell Katie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well that's that.

Time for the game

Here's my SteveBucky fanmix!  Um I guess it's called but I knew him except I didn't really make a cover but you can view this while you're listening to it

Here's where you can listen to it

1. You, Me, and Steve - Garfunkel and Oates

I could've wished a thousand wishes
'Cause I like to be with you
But it's always me and you and your friend Steve
There's nothing I can
Do do do do do do do Steve
Do do do do do do do
Why don't you just go be with your best friend?
And boyfriend – Steve

2. Carry On – Fun.

You swore and said
"We are not
We are not shining stars"
This I know
I never said we are

And it's nice to know
When I was left for dead
I was found and now I don't roam these streets
I am not the ghost you are to me
If you're lost and alone
Or you're sinking like a stone
Carry on

3. All You Wanted – Michelle Branch 

I wanted to be like you
I wanted everything
So I tried to be like you
And I got swept away

If you want to
I can save you
I can take you away from here

I'm sinking slowly
So hurry hold me
Your hand is all I have to keep me holding on

4. Skulls – Bastille

When all of our friends are dead
And just a memory
And we're side by side
It's always been just you and me

5. Ghost – Sir Sly

You flew out on a plane
Came crashing into the ocean
And then you haunted me

You're a ghost

6. Communist Friends – Kaki King

My communist friends
They want to kill me and they're going to kill me, but hey
Where are you when I need you?
Where are you?

7. Destroy Everything You Touch - Ladytron

Anything that may delay you
Might just save you

You only have to look behind you
At who's underlined you
Destroy everything you touch today
Destroy me this way

Everything you touch you don't feel
Do not know what you steal
Shakes your hand
Takes your gun
Walks you out of the sun

8. No, I Don’t Remember – Anna Ternheim

Remind me of how I used to feel
Remind me of who I used to be back when
Nothing could come between us then
That thought would never leave us

9. Don’t Unplug Me – All Caps

If you’d look at me with those cold eyes
One more time
I remember, our software was compatible
I think I felt my circuit board ignite
You held my hand in your metallic grip

What is a hug?
That does not compute
Please stand by for my system reboot
Just got the memo about this upgrade to version two
It removes extraneous programs
That means emotions like loving you
I don’t wanna lose myself

10. The Rescue – American Hi-Fi

I wish we could go back to the beginning
Cause there's something missing from your eyes.
We lost a lifetime when I disappeared,
Now I am coming back to you.

Summer's the season
But you're cold and freezing,
If there's a reason, it's a lie.
When did I lose you?
I need you to pull through,
The weight of the world never felt so alive.

11. Revolution Song – Fefe Dobson

But the words you use to hurt me now
Only seem to make me strong some how
Oh a revolution is now
And the days will get warmer, and I'll take down my armor
Together we can fight this feeling
And the demons that stalk us will eventually turn to dust
Together we can start this healing

12. Kryptonite – 3 Doors Down

I really don’t mind what happens now and then
As long as you’ll be my friend at the end
If I go crazy, then will you still call me Superman?
If I’m alive and well, will you be there holding my hand?

If not for me then you'd be dead
I picked you up and put you back on solid ground

13. Amnesia – Blue October

Oh you jump so hard but I always catch your fall
So now I'll just hide away
You know I think I will hide away
Oh, I run so fast but I always lose them all
I wish I could go to sleep and wake up with amnesia
And try to forget the things I've done

The next fanmix is a fanmix for a comic book

Have a nice day!

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