Sunday, June 22, 2014

chapter 2

Kitty was so glad that she was done with her time at the little place called Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. She hated that place so she blew up her room then she told everyone that Rogue was responsible. She felt really amused when Rogue called her a big fat liar and Rogue started punching her repeatedly. Kitty had to leave right after that experience. She was really happy to be away from Rogue and from the place where she had been for so long so now she was ready to live with her friend named Bucky. She didn't really like him that much but she liked to steal his food and talk to him about Captain America. When Bucky talked about Cap he always was crying so that wasn't too good but she loved to hear Bucky cry. When Bucky cried he look so good. Kitty just loved to look at that. That's why she moved in with the guy. She was just about to eat her favorite kind of lunch which was a good little piece of the leftover stuff called her pizza when Bucky suddenly jumped up onto the table. "What the hecky?" Kitty yelled at him. Bucky said. "Don't worry, bud. This is normal. Just pretend I'm not even here." But Kitty didn't know why she needed to live like this. Bucky was pulling out a gun and shooting the pizza. "Just why?" said Kitty before running around the table and sneakily stabbing her friend, Bucky in the metal arm. "Hey little girl that is my own arm." Kitty realized that this man had two more guns and she started to cry. "Why do this happen?" she wanted to ask, but just then, Captain Marvel came running through the open window and punched the Winter Solider off the table. "Please leave," she ordered. But Bucky was crying so she felt sorry for that eensy guy and let him stay. They all played a good little game called Squares and Kitty won. This was really good because Kitty loved to win.

Meanwhile, Wolverine had tried sixteen different hairstyles before deciding that nothing looked good. He screamed and killed himself but that didn't take. Now he didn't know what he should wear with his hair. So he went to the store with his friend, MJ because she was the most knowledgeable little g. They found a really good looking little dress for MJ then they left because Wolverine was so grumpy. MJ wanted to wear her dress so she put it right on and called up her friend, Gwen. "Hey Squirrel-friend! Please view me!" Gwen said, "I'm going to come over but you have to stop calling me when you get a new dress." MJ was laughing because she hadn't called Gwen in a whole week. When Gwen arrived, she viewed MJ for so long and then they kissed. Next they went to the store because MJ wanted to buy a pair of shoes for herself. "These shoes ruled!" Gwen said. "Let's get some shoes please! These shoes are 300 dollars!" MJ didn't have 300 dollars because she didn't have a job and so she asked Gwen, "Can I have 300 dollars, please?" Gwen was almost out of money also but she said, "Yeah." So MJ bought her beautiful shoes.

Meanwhile, Kitty and Bucky were hosting a party. They had so many friends over and served up some good pizzas. The best person at the party was Captain Stacy. He was working with SHIELD to catch a spider and they had so many good ideas about how to get that guy. But Captain Stacy was dancing with Fury so they didn't think about that right now. Bucky thought that Captain America would dance with him but he was busy talking to Thor so he just danced with Kitty but Kitty didn't like him. Also she missed her friend named Jean so her friend Bucky went to the store to buy some more pizza. When he got back he found that Thor had started a game of Monsters in the Dark. And everyone was playing. Bucky hated that game because he always felt so like a monster but not today. Today he would join in and give his best try at it. Thor was turning on the light and he said, "Okay monsters, you better get your acts together or else you will all be the worst little guys and nobody will love you." Bucky felt afraid because nobody really loved him anyway but he saw that Captain Marvel was moving towards him and her face was really scary so he grabbed his gun and shot at her but he missed somehow. "Hey, Winter Solider!" screamed Ant-Man. "That's not how we play Monsters in the Dark!" Bucky started crying, so Ant-Man called Captain America. "Please help me! I don't like crying!" Captain America came over and picked up Bucky. "Please stop your crying. It irritates Ant-Man." Bucky felt embarrassed so he whispered in Cap's ear, "I feel embarrassed." Cap said, "Oh, you!" Then he put Bucky down on the floor. When Ant-Man saw this he was laughing. "Wow you are a big fool, Cap! You love Bucky so much!" Cap said, "Well, yeah." And then he kissed his hand and blew a kiss to everyone before leaving the party. Everyone thought he was just the best guy they had ever met.

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