Friday, June 13, 2014


queen: storm
king: thor
princess: gwen, 17
prince: franklin, 11
baby prince: electro, 10
caretaker of the children: aunt may
princess gwen's fiance: mj
evil uncle: loki
king's ward: venom
boy who serves the ward: spider-man
hand to the queen: jean grey
hand to the king: deadpool
hand to the princess: wasp
knights: she-hulk, maria hill, pepper potts, black widow, nightcrawler
sir she-hulk's horse: cyclops
sir maria hill's horse: beast
sir pepper pot's horse: wolverine
sir black widow's horse: bucky
sir nightcrawler's horse: thunderbolt
horse caretaker: luke cage
girl who loves horses: valeria
castle dog: daken
castle cat: black panther
castle bird: falcon
castle spider: kaine
black panther's litter of kittens: sabertooth, white tiger, hellcat
dog caretaker: laura kinney
cat caretaker: black cat
bird caretaker: mockingbird
spider caretaker: nick fury
friend of the king: iron man
iron man's husband: rhodey
other friend of the king: sif
friend of the queen who wheels around: professor x
professor x's husband: magneto
sleeping beauty: captain america
castle torch: johnny storm
castle silver: silver sable, silver surfer
castle adviser: squirrel girl
girl who does all the loose castle hair: medusa
wizard's tower: doctor strange, doctor doom
castle huntress: kitty pryde
castle medic: iron fist
head cook: the thing
cook: mystique
cook and guy who tests food for poison: daredevil
head servant: lester
servants: ant-man, jameson, flash thompson, the punisher, clint barton
jester: doctor octopus
jester-in-training: the sub-mariner
former friend of the royal family who went rogue: rogue
village fool: mr. fantastic
son of the village fool: nova
forest beasts: kate bishop, spider-woman, tigra
goblin king: green goblin
goblins: he-hulk, harry osborn

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