Wednesday, June 25, 2014

chapter 4

The day when this happened was yesterday. Today we all see something amazing. Falcon was just taking a bath. He loved baths. His bath was so good. "I love baths," he said to his friend named Cap. "Cool," Cap said, scrubbing his friend's hair with his toothbrush. "Your brush feels so good," said Falcon. Cap said, "Okay." Just then, there was a knock upon the little wall. "Why this happen?" asked both men. They wanted to know why the door was gone. But they didn't really care. "Who is this knocking?" said Cap. "It's Spider-Man!" said Spider-Man. "Oh," said Cap. "Don't come in!" Then Spider-Man left.

Meanwhile, in England, there was a little guy named Thor visiting his friend, Captain Britain. "I'm feeling hungry," Thor said. So he left.

Meanwhile, MJ was loving her Gwen. Gwen was loving her beautiful pizza. "Yum-o!" The girl loved pizza. MJ wanted some attention so she grabbed her new shoes and threw Gwen's pizza onto the wall. "Please don't eat any more of that stuff." "Okay." MJ put on her shoes. "Look at these babies!" she told her friend. "No thank," said Gwen and then she turned around three times and left. MJ left in a spaceship.

Meanwhile, Captain America was getting dressed. "I am looking for my shirt," he called. "Okay," said everyone who he was talking to. They were not supposed to comment so he started to feel disappointed and told himself that he would just let this one go. "Please just be calm," he said and felt better. He found a new attitude that felt so good. "I love to feel good," he whispered. Just before he could find his shirt, everyone came into his room. "Wow that looks good!" Falcon cried when he saw Cap. "Please don't put on a shirt." Everyone agreed. Then Cap left. They went to a good restaurant. Then Cap realized that he couldn't even go anywhere without everyone loving his bare flesh. "I think maybe I should leave," said Cap, but just then, in came a new guy who was interested in selling his shirt. Unfortunately this didn't work out because Cap was broke and couldn't fit into the man's shirt. "You're shirt is too puny!" he whined. Then the man named Daredevil arrived. "Hey, Cap! There's Daredevil!" said Falcon. "Okay," responded him. Daredevil saw nothing. He was blind. So he couldn't even see. He couldn't see Captain American's beautiful body. He was walking right up to Cap and touching Cap instead. "Please don't unless your shirt can be mine," said Cap. "I don't know what you mean," said Daredevil. He flipped over the table and left.

Meanwhile, Kitty and Captain Marvel were having fun. They were dancing and just having fun. But unfortunately Kitty accidentally stabbed Captain Marvel when they were dancing with a really good dance move. "Oops I did it again!" Kitty said, laughing. But it reminded her of when she killed her good friend, Jean and that made everyone angry so she quickly hid in her room. But when she got there she saw the door was gone. "Why this happen?" she questioned. Then she saw Jean. So she left. When Jean saw Kitty she followed and said, "Hey, I'm Jean!" Kitty said. "You're the cutest Jean but I know how you died." Jean was laughing. "Oh, Kitty. You are so silly. You don't know that I am here because you killed me but you forgot until now. That made no sense." Kitty was feeling hungry. She said, "I want to go to the Bowl Place. Everyone is waiting for me." But Jean said, "No. You have to hide the body." But the body was alive. "Hey, little Kitty. Don't be afraid," said Captain Marvel. "You just stabbed me a lot but I'm fine. So let's go to the Bowl Place." Jean sighed. "I guess I will come." Then they left.

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