Saturday, June 21, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

someone out here tryna steal my day...

well nice stuff

nice talk about comics time

nice fanmix!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is small!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok i guess thats that

today was not the rustiest. i had a good ol breakfast and then chilled. next i went to work and it was a p ook time cuz it was really dang slow and everyone jus chilled in the back really and one of the ppl had a debate w one of the managers about whether we're in the sky. then the g who was closing said she didnt care if i left early so i left two hrs early aw yea. then i had fro pizza and then fro yogurt. then i imagined petermj.

ok its lets talk about comics time

original sin #4
*aw git bucky been kicked out of his team apparently. is that really called for?
*whats these two even going on about
*bucky's only friend is nick fury's head
*poor guy no one like him. or they dont kno who he is haha
*wow icqcml tho at him spending the whole issue running around carrying that dang head
*this orb is kind of small
*the part w all the teams is truly amazing
*ok can i believe us finding out that the real nick fury is a crusty old white man when we could have had it all


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