Sunday, June 15, 2014

the smallest dog loves petermj

heyyyyyyyyy gs

bleh i miss gob on our blog. there i said it

aw g nah i think thor understands that we saw his movie the most amount of times that we could really!! like the very first showing that you were even able to make it to was the last time it was playing in the theater. so yea i think the storm last night was cuz storm was angry that she wasnt that much in dofp

i dont kno how i can not kno who kingpin is but thats how it is

well we goin to mad eye a lil early this year so i say its time to get those jamz

yea but it aint really normal for YOU to like more than one thing at once so

nice dya

nice comic talk. i rea dit even tho i havent read that issue yet. hm well i guess we'll see if its confusing seeing as i havent read the first few issues of the first volume of amazing spider-man

nice fanmix!!!!!!! tho i havent listened to it yet but its small anyway

well i listened to your puny parker one and that was very nice

GOD DANG THOSE BEAUTIFUL DRAWINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. thats the only words i have for them

today i ate a hot dog and then went to work and then ate pancakes

icqcme to go grocery shopping. haha

also iqcme to go grocery shopping in the still of the night on a different day

what does noah think hes doing


i didnt do a fnamix

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