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HEY G. JUST STARTIN MY POST AT 1:30 AM NBD. Alright g. Look to the right. Now back at me. Now back to the right. I'm on a horse. jj. Just look to the left. You may notice there is a new banner there! Goosbag! I didn't make it though but whatevs whatevs. Well anyway this banner will take you to, and man gi I have been waiting forevs to be able to put that on our blog but i didn't wanna spoil a gob! except he has known that actual spoiler for forevs but whatevs. if i know a spoiler then i just like to not see stuff about it because it makes me angry and i like to just forget about the thing even though i never do. Well anyway clickin on the banner will take ya to this spec website where there's this giant campaign to save Ianto Jones and you can like send letters to the bbc and also send them coffee or somethin. So get on that.

Alright also I might share with you a coup of pics I made a while ago that woulda spoiled gob also.
Ok this one's called "the doctor and ianto have similar opinions on the subject of beans" and it's not really a spoiler but it's not funny unless you've seen CoE:

ok this one is a reference to Fight Club:

ok here's my fave one:

ok this one is a pic from the Children of Earth and a pic from the Lost finale! How sim they are!:

Ok now here's some other random things I've made lately:

Omg g a miracle just happened where megavid said I was out of time but then I waited a few mins and it was fine! Now it's probs gonna stop again. D:
Well anyway speaking of that, okay so a bit ago I decided to have a goal of watching 50 movies over the school year that I hadn't seen before. Which seems like nothing really, I mean 50 MOVIES IN 9 WHOLE MONTHS? I COULD DO THAT OVER THE SUMMER. Well...I failed. I got 46. Haha. Because I was a g. But anyway I was thinkin I might just share a list of what my fave movies were in order of when I watched em. Alrighty.
-Where the Wild Things Are
-Monty Python and the Holy Grail
-To Sir, With Love
-500 Days of Summer
-Edward Scissorhands
-Ferris Bueler's Day Off
-An Education
-The Producers
-Away We Go
-The Lovely Bones
-Chasing Amy
-Lilies of the Field
-Fight Club
-A Single Man

Nice, nice. My #1 fave was probs Away We Go. That's like my 2nd fave movie of all time.

Ha I've already watched 3 movies this summer and there's only been 1 day so far!

Okay, well here is a thing that determines whether your blog is written by a man or a women. But I suspect that like it only analyzes the first page of it, not the whole thing, so I'm gonna analyze a random post of each of ours!

Ok hob:



now i think i'll also do a cm post and a poob post



wow girl that thing is accurate! how even?

ok now here's the first page of our blog i think:

aaaaaand here is punk para! haha:


omggg this movie is takin forevs to download.

Oh hi the game!!

Day 09 - Best scene ever
Well I happen to have this thing I cooked up for when I was playin this game on a dif place!

It's from the Doctor Who ep The Sound of Drums:

The Master: Better start running. Go on, run.
The Doctor: He’s got control of everything.
Martha: What do we do?
Jack: We’ve got nowhere to go.
Martha: Doctor, what do we do?
Master: Run, Doctor. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE
The Doctor: We run.

Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving

Well I plum only started watchin this cuz Santiago was at the time in 1 ep, and I thought it would be super duper boring, but I watched that one ep and I kinda liked it so I started at the beginning and now I love the thing!

Day 11 - A show that disappointed you

Yeah...cuz s1 was GREAT and the rest sucked.

Day 12 - An episode you’ve watched more than 5 times

This ep is Torchwood 2.01 "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" and frankly I dunno why I've seen it so many times. It's one of my faves, but there are quite a few eps that I like better than this one. It DOES have my fave Torchwwod seen of all time in it but other than that I just don't know.

Okkkk time for a fic! Wow it's way longer than I expected. Anyway. Ok also this is a Torchwood fic btw

Title: Let Sleeping Gwens Lie
Characters: Jack, Ianto, Tosh, Owen, Gwen
Rating: idk, i'll say K+
Category: humour, I guess
Summary: When one of their own goes missing, the Torchwood team will risk everything to get her back
Prompt: Task 1-prompt #10;A sleeping bag, someone's diary, and an unwanted phone call.

All four of them spread themselves out around the table in the meeting room of the hub. There were only four of them because Gwen appeared to be missing. Of course it’s Gwen that’s missing, Ianto thought. It’s always Gwen. He tried to concentrate on what Tosh was blabbering on about. She can stay missing for all I care. He didn’t mean it, of course, but he couldn’t help but remember the way had looked at Jack the last time they’d seen her. And possibly, though he could have been imagining it, possibly the way Jack looked back.
“Right,” Jack said, catching Ianto’s attention, as his voice had a tendency to do. “Ianto.” It seemed as though Ianto hadn’t been the only one whose thoughts had wandered off as Tosh rattled on.
“Yes, sir?”
“Do you know if there’s any record of something like this happening before? A sudden disappearance like this? And those noises-” They all took a moment to listen carefully to the strange noises that floated through the hub. They had been going on for a while now, and nobody had a clue what they belonged to.
“Well, I’ll just check my diary, sir.” Jack raised a brow dubiously.
“Is this the same diary that you wrote about the measure-“ Ianto shot Jack a death stare, and Jack shut up prompty.
“Right,” Jack said again. “While he does that, Owen-”
“Will you-” the phone started ringing just then. Jack sighed. “-answer the phone.” Owen groaned.
“But that’s the coffee boy’s j-”
“Yes sir.” He left the room in a hurry, and came back seconds later. “It’s Rhys,” he mouthed.
“Great,” Jack said. “Just what we need. What does he want.”
“Just a second.” He left the room again. “He wants to know where his girlfriend is! Says she didn’t come home last night” Owen called.
“What?” Jack said, surprised, to the ones who remained in the room. “She’s been missing since last night?”
“Apparently so,” Ianto said. He shut his diary. “Nothing. I’ve got Weevils, Blowfish, Fairies, Pterodactyls, Sleeper agents.” He pasued. “Cyberwoman. Nothing about a disappearing person.”
“Jack!” Owen’s voice called. “Tosh! Ianto! You better come see this!” They all flung up out of their chairs.
“What is it?” Tosh asked. Owen pointed to a big red lump on the floor. The noise sthey had been hearing grew louder.
“ALIEN!” Jack screamed “ALIEN IN THE HUB! GET IT OUT! GET IT OUT!” The red thing shot up like a rocket, and the noises stopped They all screamed in unison. Jack grabbed a nearby pencil and started swinging it around like a sword.
“Jack,” the alien spoke. Jack looked at the others.
“It knows my name,” he whispered.
“Jack what are you doing?” The alien sounded grumpy and spoke with a heavy Welsh accent. Then the most peculiar thing occurred. The alien started to pull it’s skin right off of it’s body! Everyone started in horror.
“Jack, what the hell?” It was a sleepy, angry looking Gwen.
Even worse than an alien, Ianto thought.
“Gwen,” Jack said. “Gwen, what the? Is that my sleeping bag?”
“God, Jack, can’t anyone get any sleeping done around here?”
“Well, uh,” Jack said. “Technically you’re supposed to be working. The only ones who are allowed to sleep here are me and-”
“Gwen, what exactly are you doing here?” Ianto asked.
“I, uh,” Gwen began. “I was here last night trying to solve the…and…” Jack nodded in understanding.
“Well next time you feel like staying the night, just ask. There’s plenty of room in my bed for three, right, Ianto?” Ianto rolled his eyes.
“Right, Gwen, why don’t you go home. I think Rhys is worried sick about you.”
“Yeah,” Gwen said. “Yeah, I think I will.” She got up. Before she left, she turned to Jack.
“Alien in the hub?” she said. “Get it out, get it out? Really, Jack?” Jack shruggedd, and Gwen left.

Welp, that's all folks!

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