Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Born

Wow g. Ever since like June 7 the posts have been like this:

-Suck post
-Suck post (awesome vid though)
-Suck post
-Suck post
-Suck post
-A bit less (but not much less) suck post (Also this was my post. :p)
-More sucking
-More of the suckfest

(Click link after reading sentence.)
No offense gs, but that is really horrible. D: We HAVE to do better than this! idek why we've been slacking off so much. We can make way more awesome posts. I believe in us. We can do this! Did the people in Heroes ever give up in saving the world? Did the losties give up when their first raft got burned down? Did Hurley give up in his quest for ranch dressing? I don't think so!! We can do this!!! We have to post together, or die alone!

/ends motivational speech

Okay now I will just brainstorm some ideas on how we can stop our posts from sucking like a vacuum cleaner and be awesome again.

-Use more pictures
-Use more videos
-Use color
-Talk about more interesting stuff
-Have more contests like our Float On music video contest.
-Use secret links like these that you have no idea what they will take you to.
-Hide secret things in your post
-Use randomness
-Not wait until the last hour to write the entire post

Awesome!!! Idk if you gs know about this but I just found out something you can do on Google that will make downloading stuff so much easier! If you type whatever you want to search for, then press space bar and type site:www.whateversiteyouwant.com it will only give you results from that website!!! Let's say I was trying to find the episode of Lost, "Live Together, Die Alone" on Mediafire. You just type this:

live together die alone site:www.mediafire.com

Tyt Seth for showing me that!

Awesome! Apparently just today we got a call and my family is going to be part of this thing called the Nielsen ratings! They send us in a little booklet for each TV in the house and we write down in the book whatever TV show we watch and that like goes to this huge census and helps determines how well a show is doing! Haha also you can watch DVDs of shows and record that so I think I might watch a ton of Heroes to show that I want it back. I wish you could record when you watched shows online though, because like all my favorite TV shows aren't on TV anymore. D: Oh well. That is still so awesome that our family is actually part of the TV ratings now!

Aw g. I hadn't even noticed this before on the Heroes Wiki but this is so sad. =[

They could have at least put something optimistic like, "Wrap up mini-series...coming soon!" but nooooo, they had to put "Heroes has ended." D:

Okay, now I'll play the game.

Day 08 - A show everyone should watch

idg what this means really. Like isn't this the same as Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching? Well I will just say the same answer as that day.

I've said why Lost is good soooo many times and I don't feel like explaining it again so just look at another one of my posts. K, bye.


  1. and this just added to the major suckfest

  2. you big glug comp man! that was an awesome post!

    haha you are such a big g, gob, with all that elle stuff.

    nice preview g! i think i will put a preview of mine in my next post!

  3. sorry. it was supposed to be a joke but gob made it not one.no questions.