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Everybody Loves Hugo

Hey gs!!! For pretty much like this entire post I'm just going to do some of my fan fic, okay?

Title: I Forgive You Dude
Characters: Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, Walt Lloyd
Summary:Hurley makes a discovery about an event in his past.
Prompt:task 1-prompt #10;A sleeping bag, someone's diary, and an unwanted phone call.

“Hello?” Hurley answered the phone.

“Hi. This is Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack, right?” A high pitched kid’s voice replied.

“Uhh, yeah dude. What can I help you with?”

“I’d like 815 billion buckets of fried chicken please!”

“Dude, if this is a prank call I’m hanging up.”

“Okay! Okay! Hey man, why so hateful? Can’t you take a joke? Okay…what do I really want…hmmm. Do you have any fried brains?”

Hurley laughed and hung up the phone. He hated his job so much. Tonight he was on the late shift and had to work from midnight to 5 am. He glanced at the clock and saw it was only 12:08. I have a long night ahead of me.

At 12:15 the phone rang again.

“Hello, I’m Hurley and this is Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack. How may I help you?” Hurley said.

“I am The Ghostttttt of Chickennnnn Futureeeeee. You will get firedddd from this chicken shack soonnnn. You will start up your own chicken shack on a deserted island but there will be no one there to buyyyyyy the chickennnnnnn. Bwahahaha.”

It was the same high pitched kid’s voice from earlier. Hurley immediately hung up. That night he got 42 more calls from the same kid and it was possibly one of the worst nights of his life ever. Every time Hurley went to find someone with higher authority to talk to the kid and tell him to stop calling, the kid had hung up. That was just Hurley’s luck.

Hurley woke up from his flashback. He got out of his sleeping bag he was sleeping in on the beach. He shuddered, pushing away the memories of that night. He got up and walked along the beach, throwing rocks into the ocean. Suddenly a notebook sticking out of the sand caught his attention. He flipped it open and thumbed through it. It was someone’s diary. From the messy handwriting he guessed that a child had written in the notebook. He flipped to a random page and this is what it read:

Tonight I had to go and spend the night ay Chris’s house. I really didn’t want to but I don’t have many friends because I move around so much and my mom thinks I really should try harder to make some friends. What’s the point though if in a month from now I’m just going to move away and leave all my friends? This sleepover wasn’t very fun. First of all, I accidently made a bird die and crash into Billy’s head and he threw up all over the floor. Second of all, all the kids at the sleepover are huge jerks and are so annoying. Third of all they dared me to prank call this fried chicken place even though I didn’t want to. They made me do it 42 times and I felt really bad for the poor man that was answering the phone!

Hurley suddenly then realized that the kid that had prank called him that night long ago was the same kid named Walt that had been on Oceanic Flight 815 and was stranded on the island with him. Hurley took his pen out of his pocket and wrote below the diary entry, I forgive you dude.

Title: The Bet
Characters: John Locke, Kate Austen
Summary: Locke tries to prove that he is an awesome dude.
Prompt: task 1-prompt #7; an island, three oranges, and a goldfish.

John Locke sat on the beach of the island and stared out at the ocean. What an extraordinarily beautiful island this is. I am just a pathetic old man. I am nothing compared to this island, John Locke thought in his head. Locke looked to his left and to his surprise he just saw an orange sitting there! He excitedly grabbed the orange and rapidly started peeling it like a giddy little school boy. He didn’t even finish peeling it entirely before he just popped the whole thing in his mouth! This is without any doubt, is the best orange I have ever eaten in my life. Locke just sat there for awhile and enjoyed the nice citrus flavor of the orange until he saw a brown haired woman with lots of freckles on her face staring at him. He opened his mouth and smiled a big orange peel smile at her.

“I bet you can’t fit 2 oranges in your mouth at once,” the woman called out to him.

She walked over to him and shook his hand. “I’m Kate.”

“I’m John Locke. Nice to meet you Kate,” he said while pulling the chewed up orange out of his mouth. Kate tried her best not to look disgusted.

“I’ll bet you my pet goldfish I just caught in the ocean that I can put three oranges in my mouth at once.” Locke said. Locke was excited to show Kate that he wasn't just some dull old man who sat around on the beach all day.

“Three? I’ll take that bet. I highly doubt you can really fit three of these oranges in your mouth.”

“Don’t tell me what I can’t do!!!!” Locke suddenly interrupted.

“Sorry…it’s just a bad habit of mine to say that phrase a lot,” he explained.

“I’ll bet you these nice boots I just found,” Kate said while holding up the boots she had taken off from a dead body in the plane wreckage.

“I could sure use some good boots now that I can walk,” Locke said with a big grin on his face.

Kate tossed him the three oranges she had been carrying behind her back and he caught two in one hand and one in the other. He opened his mouth as wide as he could and put one orange on the left side of his mouth and another on the right side. His cheeks bulged out huge like a chipmunk. Locke squeezed the other orange as flat as he could and attempted to put it in between the two oranges. Kate covered her mouth, trying not to laugh but she couldn’t quite contain her laughter, which resulted in Locke laughing too and spitting chewed up orange all over Kate.

Kate fell silent and stared at Locke in repulsion.

“You despicable old man!” Kate yelled and ran away into the jungle.

“Damnit. I could have used those boots,” Locke said to himself. He sighed, sat down on the sand, and went back to being that same old pathetic man.

Title: The Deal
Characters: Vincent, Smokie/Christan Sheppard
Summary: Vincent meets Smokie.
Prompt: task 1-prompt #12;a dog leash, whipped cream, and a rubber chicken.

After amazingly surviving the plane crash, Vincent had lied down to rest in the middle of the jungle. Vincent jumped up to his feet when he heard a strange, horrible, and frightening howl. A huge pillar of smoke zoomed past Vincent’s head. He ran around in circles, trying to figure out where the mysterious mechanical ticks and strange noises were coming from. Vincent bumped into the legs of an old man known as Christian Sheppard.

“Here boy, I’ll give you this can of whipped cream and a rubber chicken if you find my son for me,” he said.

Vincent then ran away from the man and looked for his son.

Title: Make Your Own Luck
Characters: Hugo "Hurley" Reyes
Summary: Hurley is down in the dumps about his luck.
Prompt: task 1-prompt #3A flowerpot, a banana cream pie, and a winning lottery ticket.

Winning the lottery had been the worst thing that ever had happened in Hurley’s live. It had given him nothing but bad luck. Well it didn’t give him bad luck as much as it gave bad luck to all his friends and family around him. His grandfather died of a heart attack, the new house his mother had bought had burnt down by the banana cream pie baking in the oven, and a meteorite crashed into Mr. Cluck’s chicken shack where he worked. Hurley stood outside his house and crumbled his winning lottery ticket up into a ball. He then threw it into a flowerpot. You know what, starting today I’m going to make my own luck.

Okay now here is the game.

Day 09 - Best scene ever

Ahh g there are so many great scenes I love so much but one I really love is the scene where we first find out who the mysterious person in the hatch is. We find out that it is a character named Desmond who we all grow to love so much!!! :D

Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving

Doctor Who
idk. I had watched the first two eps or so wayyyyy before Hob introduced the show to me and I thought the show was kinda weird and never watched anymore, but then I started watching again and fell in love with the show!

Day 11 - A show that disappointed you

Flash Forward
It was still an okay show, but it wasn't as great as I thought it would be and it got canceled too.

Day 12 - An episode you’ve watched more than 5 times

Haha idek how many times I've watched this ep....

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