Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hermione's Helping Hand

hey gs!!!

ok gs let me just first say...i'm very disappointed in you glugs. i was the only g who did task 2 at all! D: look at that scoreboard! heroes is winning! are you gs just gonna sit there and let that happen or are you gonna do something about it!?!?!?

seriously gs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok gs i just need to calm down and take a nap. ok jj i don't need to take a nap.

alright lets see. task 3 is over on july 8 and task 4 is over july 2. just a reminder there.

also task 5 starts today so let's take care of that.

ok gs task 5 is gonna be soooo easy! i mean it this is like the easiest task ever. so you better do it because i am trying to help you here, gs.

Task #5: Picspam
ok gs all you gotta do for this one is find a bunch of pictures. simple as that. the only thing is they all have to be from your show or be of the cast members. and that's it gs. its so easy.

Points: 5
Days to complete: 6 (last day to post is july 5)
Rules: must include at least 20 pics

other suggestions:
*edit your pics to make them beautiful
*make some nice collages
*puts some nice words or quotes or comments
*find pics that relate to each other or have something in common or the same subject

ok gs you got that? any qs?

haha omg hermione is the biggest glug ever.
"hey i'm a cat."

haha she is so wacky!

haha i got some vids for ya because i am just this vid making animal.

did you like that gs?!?!?

ok here is the other one.

did you like that gs!?!?

gs im just gonna play the game now because i have a bunch of that thing left to go.


day 22- favorite series finale:
ok its the season 1 finale of heroes "how to stop an exploding man" yeah. that was awesome.

day 23-most annoying character:
jj its maya.
haha i almost put the dr

day 24-best quote:
hmm i have a lot of fave quotes! ok lets just go with this one.
"you can not take my brain!!!"

day 25- a show you plan on watching:
star trek tos. i've seen a lot of episodes but not all of them!

day 26-omg wtf? season finale:
heroes season four finale "brave new world" it was so omg. and the sad part is our wtf? might never be answered. :(

day 27-best pilot episode:
heroes "genesis." cause it was awesome.

day 28-first tv show obsession:

day 29-current tv show obsession:

day 30-saddest character death:

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