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A Piece Of The Action

hey gs!

nice stories so far! just a reminder that the 3-things fic task ends on tuesday (june 22)

in other summer challenge related news, a new task starts today! this will be a week long task, and the task i present you with is to make a short, 30 seconds long intro for your show! pick any song you want, use any clips you want, or do whatever else you wish there was for an intro to your show. (the thing that would play at the beginning of episodes, or after the teaser)

Points: 7
Days to complete: one week (last day to post is sunday, june 27)
Rules: must be 30 seconds long (give or take a few seconds if necessary)
must include actors' names of all the main characters

so you have a week to do this one, which should be plenty of time to put together a 30 seconds long video!

please also remember that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS! a new task will begin on wednesday if you're not feeling this one. however i think it will be fun!!!

speaking of videos, i made one! here ya go!

did you like that, gs?

ok now i think i shall play the game some.

day 9-best scene ever:

oh that's a REALLY hard one! there are so many scenes that i love! ok i'll just pick one.

angela: so you killed arthur?
sylar: i certainly did.
angela: then you saved the world. i was right about you all along. you are a hero.
sylar: i don't think so.
angela: you're wrong. i always wanted this for you. i dreamed about it. and now that arthur's dead, there's no one to hold you back. no one to take advantage of you.
sylar: (tks angela)!
angela: gabriel...i cared for you. i gave you love, i gave you guidance. everything a mother-
sylar: you are not my mother! are you? and i can tell if you're lying.
angela: no. i'm not.
sylar: for a brief moment i wish you were. why did you do it?
angela: i told you, my sons have been such a disappointment to me, and i wanted another chance. a chance to give the love only a mother can.
sylar: uhh...(lie detector goes off) that's a lie. (starts to cut her head open) i told you i could tell.
angela: i wanted you to work for the company. you had a skill that i needed.
sylar: you saw me as a hero?
angela: a killer. a monster. you were deeply flawed. weak. malleable. someone i could manipulate because that's what i do. because you're right. i'm a monster too.
sylar: (tks her again) is there any good in this world?! tell me something, anything! just make me believe that you're not the same as me!
angela: i know who your real parents are.
sylar: (releases angela) you're telling the truth.
angela: you're not the son of a watchmaker and a woman who collected snowglobes.
sylar: who am i then?
angela: if you kill me, you will never find out.
sylar: (tks angela again) tell me.... tell me. i want the truth!
claire: (stabs sylar in the back of the head with a shard of glass. sylar falls down and all the lights go on and doors unlock)

wow g that's a long scene but i really love it! first of all, i love the line "is there any good in this world?! tell me something, anything! just make me believe that you're not the same as me!" and second of all, i love how claire kills sylar at the end. she hates him so much, it makes me gleeful. haha

day 10-a show i thought i wouldn't like but ended up loving:.
the answer is heroes
because i remember not wanting to watch it.
but guess what? i love it.

day 11-a show that disappointed me:
i thought it would be awesome, but it wasn't.

day 12-an episode i've watched more than 5 times:
well there are prob a bunch, but i've probably seen fallout the most. its one of my fave eps though g. haha and i almost have the whole thing memorized. oh g but i could go for this ep again! hahaha

ok g now a fic.

Title: At Petrelli Mansion
Characters/Pairings: sylar, peter, angela, claire, plus others. also somehow i managed to have very vague pylar and sylaire!
Rating: k+
Category: kinda humorous
Summary: directly after the events of "brave new world" peter takes everyone to angela's house.
Prompt: task 1-prompt #8; A sleeping bag, a dining table, and the butler.

Why was he not surprised that the Petrellis had a butler?

“May I take your coat, sir?” said butler asked Sylar as he followed Peter through the security door of Petrelli Mansion. Sylar grudgingly handed over his dirty jacket. He’d been wearing it for years…no, not years, he reminded himself. Hours. Although, the whole ordeal was beginning to feel more and more like a bad dream.

Sylar still wasn’t sure why Peter had brought them here, other than the fact that it was in walking distance from central park…until he saw his new friend run straight into the arms of his mommy, hugging her tightly.

“I missed you,” Peter murmured into her neck. Angela stroked her son’s hair.

“You too, my dear.” They let go and Angela’s eyes shot to the others standing in the hallway. Sylar, Emma, Claire, Noah, Lauren, Hiro, and Ando.

“Oh, um…can they stay here?” Peter asked awkwardly. Angela sighed.

“I’ve already had their rooms prepared,” she informed him, displaying her precognitive ability. Peter hugged her again.

The butler set out some food on the dining table and everyone stuffed their faces. Then Angela showed each person to a room… except Sylar.

“I’m sorry, dear,” she said to him, “I’m afraid there just aren’t enough rooms for you.”

“Not enough rooms,” Sylar repeated, raising an eyebrow. He somehow found that hard to believe. I mean this was a mansion after all.

“Mom, that’s a lie!” Peter screamed.

“No, it’s not dear. Since you and your brother moved out I’ve converted several of the bedrooms into workout rooms.”

“Workout rooms?” Peter said skeptically.

“And such things,” Angela added.

“Mom, you hate exercise!”

“Regardless!” Angela shrieked, “There simply are not enough rooms for Gabriel!”

“Oh that’s okay, I can share with Claire,” Sylar said, putting his arm around his favorite cheerleader.

“Eww,” she said, shoving him away.

“No, no, no. That will not do either. However you may take this.” she tossed him a green bundle. Peter looked at the package in shock.

“A sleeping bag, mom?! Really?!”

“Its okay, Peter,” Sylar said softly.

“See?” said Angela, “He’s okay with sleeping on the floor! He’s probably used to it!”

“Wow, mom. You wanna try to offend the rest of my guests too? Why don’t you ask Hiro if he’s gonna want sushi for breakfast?!”

“You are lucky I’m letting Gabriel stay in my house at all! After what he did to our family!”

“Sylar just saved Emma! He saved all our lives!”

“One good deed can not make up for his past.”

Peter groaned. “Whatever. Come on, Sylar, you can sleep in my room.”

“Peter, you only have one bed,” Angela reminded him.

“I know.” Peter responded. “I don’t care!” And with that he took hold of Sylar’s arm and dragged him away into his bedroom.

alrighty gs did you like that?

now today will probably be my last day to post pics for this task, so im gonna spend the rest of my time trying to write as many as i can before i have to post this. lets see how many i can get...

got one!

Title: Apology Not Accepted
Characters/Pairings: sylar/claire!
Rating: k+
Category: angst/romance
Summary: sylar tries to apologize.
Prompt: task 1-prompt #14; A steak knife, a damp towel, and a shower curtain.

Sylar really hated being stabbed.

He pulled the steak knife out of the back of his head and grimaced, because well, it was painful. What did he need to do to get the message across that the back of his head was no longer his one and only weak spot? Maybe he should tattoo it across his forehead. Please don’t stab me, it won’t work. Yeah, that’d be just lovely.

To his disgust, he glanced in the bathroom mirror and saw that those words were actually written across his forehead in ink. Albeit backwards, but the message was clear. The ink stayed there for a moment before floating back to its normal position on his arm in the form of Claire Bennet’s face. Stupid empathy.

It had been her that stabbed him. He’d only tried to apologize, tried to start building those bridges he always talked about.

“Apology not accepted,” she’d said, directly before stabbing him in the back of the head with a steak knife.

It was hopeless. Sylar sighed and stripped off his bloody clothes. Maybe she’d never see him as anything but a monster.

He pulled away the shower curtain and climbed in, letting the steaming water run over his body. He lathered shampoo through his hair and tried to get all the blood out. He tried not to picture Claire’s face in his mind. Her look of revulsion. She’d tried to kill him. She’d actually tried to kill him.

Sylar turned off the water, and wrapped a towel around his waste, then realized he now had the dilemma of if he’d rather put his blood soaked clothes back on, or call Peter and see if he would bring him some clothes. He settled for collapsing on the bed in a pathetic heap.

Well, at least she hadn’t actually managed to kill him.

That would have put quite a damper on their relationship.

and another!

Title: Hair Today...

Characters/Pairings: claire, sylar, angela
Rating: k+
Category: we'll just go with gen. though i meant it to be kinda romance.
Summary: claire dyes
Prompt: task 1-prompt #5; A comb, a damp towel, and someone's grandmother.

A few days before she turned twenty, Angela helped her dye her hair.

She was startled by her own reflection the first time she looked in the mirror. Angela let her long locks tumble out of the damp towel and began combing them out. It was brown. She’d never had brown hair before.

But hiding was becoming unbearable. She was tired of running. She just wanted to be normal. Maybe she shouldn’t have jumped off the Ferris wheel.

She ran into Sylar the next day. She smiled as an utterly confused expression crossed his face.




“Was there something you wanted? And close your mouth. It’s rude to stare.”


“Spit it out, already!”

“I…uh…Peter wants you at headquarters. Something about that pyro on news.”

“Oh, okay…That it?”


“Fine then.”



“I hate it.”

She knew he was talking about her hair. She didn’t care in the slightest.


haha and another!!

Title: Cat!

Characters/Pairings: mr. muggles, lyle
Rating: k+
Category: humor
Summary: mr. m goes for a walk.
Prompt: task 1-prompt #15; A dog leash, a picnic bench, and a pair of socks.

Mr. Muggles was feeling frisky. So he made Lyle take him on a walk. He achieved this by dropping his dog leash on Lyle’s toes as he was playing video games. The boy sighed and went to look for a pair of socks.

Twenty minutes later, they were out the door, and Mr. Muggles was skipping along, feeling the wind in his fur! Suddenly he saw a cat!






Mr. Muggles chased after the thing, dragging Lyle along with him. Unfortunately, the pesky feline ran up a tree, and all poor Mr. Muggles could do was bark at it.

“Ruffff ruff ruffufufuruff!” (That’s dog for “F U!”)

Lyle sat down on a picnic bench, exhausted.

well...i got 3. not bad for an hour.

that's 6 total. i wish i would have had time to write more! D: bleh maybe i'll ask hob if i can put a few in her post. idek.

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