Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Goblin's Revenge

Hey gs! Thank you so much for the awesome birthday blog post!!! I enjoyed all the pictures and the video and the story! :D Ahhh I had such an awesome birthday. I went to Holiday World with my friend Marena and my family and it was so awesome and fun!!!! Haha that reminds me! Guess what I saw at Holiday World??????


We ate dinner there. I hope it was meat made for goblins and not meat made out of goblins. D: Then I would be a cannibal and that is very gross. It was a really tasty burger though so I think it was just goblin food and not actually made out of goblin.

Also while I was looking it up on google images I also found this:

haha idek what that is.

While I am on the topic of goblins, here is a really awesome goblin song I found.

Here is another great goblin song I found. Well I don't think it actually is a goblin song but it sounds like goblins to me. Haha it would be fun to sneak around while this song was playing. Whenever I hear this song I immediatley think of goblins sneaking around.

Hahaha here is something I just now made.

Okay, so while I was looking up random videos and I found these two really weird and dumb parodies of Heroes so I will share them with you.

and here is quite one more random thing that isn't as dumb as those things above.

Okay now I'll play the game.

Day 04 - Your favorite show ever

Lost was the first real serialized TV show I ever watched so it has a very warm place in my heart. It's also the first TV show I have obsessed over, From the very beginning I loved how it just seemed like a really long movie because all the TV shows I watched before it were all cartoons or sitcoms so I didn't really even know that TV shows like this existed. I loved all the intriguing mysteries in the show and all the great characters and how we learned more about them as the show went along. I'm so sad that it is all over now. D:

Day 05 - A show you hate

I just can't stand this show. What the?? It came out on my birthday?!?!?! Nooooooooo!