Friday, June 18, 2010

Seen and Unforseen

Hey gs. I'm starting my blog post on Friday at 3:30 pm instead of on saturday but inbd, right? Ahh sorry Hob, I accidentally read the first line of your post because I thought that I had started on my post last night and that was my draft. Don't worry though, I didn't read any more of it. Ahh this post is going to be so awesome because:

  • I started on it really early
  • I am taking my own advice on how to make my blog post not suck. (Wow g, why is the link to that "wow-g.html"?)
  • CM might help me with of the post (Idek why, but he wants to. Actually he says he wants to do his own post, but w/e.)
  • Just because Goblin is the most awesome contributor on this blog
Okay first off, the summer challenge fandom wars seem like it is going to be so awesome!!!! Haha Lost is definitely going to win! I think I might make some sort of video like as a trailer for the fandom wars. It's going to be really awesome!!!

Ahhh g this summer is already so awesome! I think I am going to make it a goal to either every night stay up past midnight and/or sleep in past 8. I don't know if that will happen every single night of summer but I am going to try! I just feel like I waste so much of my summer and my life if I go to bed too early. Like if I stay up really late, it is okay for me to sleep in a ton. So that is what I will be doing!

Haha look to the right at the new aquarium I got for our fish! I bet they are so happy for their new living space now! Oh and that reminds me, is it okay with you if we adopt another fish sometime soon? Maybe another ghost fish so our one ghost fish won't be as lonely? Or maybe we could get a completely new color!

Okay now I'm going to work on my Float On video for a bit. I'll bbl later.

Okay I'm back. Haha g so I was helping my mom clean the basement and I just found so many great treasures down there!!!! Maybe later I will try and take some pictures of them. I found:

-A Winnie the Pooh party hat
-Pokemon cards
-Harry Potter Cards
-A picture of a young Hobbit holding "A Sleepy Story"
-A flash card that says "Daniel Mutchler Go to School" I wonder who Daniel Mutchler is...
-A flash card that says "Daniel Mutchler Take This Home"
-A toy Kirby
-A metal Fanta car
-An old Disney Adventures magazine
-Book covers to use as hats/footwear for sliding
-One of those duct tape chains we made at CC
-A fake toy Game Boy Color
-A book called "Mr. Silly". haha i just realized he is like one of those characters on that thing you see on facebook a lot

Speaking of childhood memories, remember time-outs? Well I just found out there is this gadget thing called the "Time-Out Pad"! I used to hate time-outs so much. It would have been so nice to have that time-out pad as a child because it looks like it would have made my time-outs a lot more fun and shorter!!! I mean look at how cool it is! It lights up and everything!!!

Enough going on and on about my childhood...

Ahhh I really want to go to Wizarding World so badly!!! It looks so awesome!

The grand opening was like Wednesday I think. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Michael Gambon, Tom Felton, the girl that plays Ginny, and the two twins that play Fred and George were all there at the opening!! What the?? I guess Tom Felton dyed his hair or something? It looks really weird and I could hardly tell he was the actor of Draco! I read that the twins re-dyed their hair orange so idk what was up with Tom Felton's hair.

Okay here is some cool/random Lost stuff I found:

The Undying Infinite Wisdom Of Hurley

A map of every single thing on the Lost island

Hahaha I love this:

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  1. Out of those things i think you're The One That Is always Hungry.