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Make Out Kids

hey gs!!!!

look to your right. see the new scores?!

well right now they are:
dr who-3

but good news, you still have until sunday for task #2, and task #3 starts today!!!

first let me tell you about task #3.

ok...sorry gob, but you're gonna have to write some more fanfiction. i'm thinking this one will be easier though. at least i hope it will. also this time i am giving you 15 days to complete this challenge! how generous i am! the prompts, which are pretty specific this time, in fact i would say that some of them are ridiculously specific, will follow after the task info. each fic earns you 1 point again, like before.

Points: 1-20
Days to complete: 15 (last day to post is july 8)
Rules: each fic must be at least 300 words
must be based off of the prompt
must include at least one character from your show
no crossovers. cept hob can do dr who and torchwood if she wants.
please state what the prompt was when posting your fics.

1. Your characters go
to a Mexican restaurant.

2. A character mourns
a death. Another character laughs at them.

3. Someone dyes their

4. Two of your
characters get snowed in at a hotel where there is only one room with only
one bed.

5. Someone’s pizza is
too spicy.

6. A character loses
a bet.

7. Someone who can’t
die has a dear death experience.

8. Its raining.

9. 50 years later…

10. A character is
getting tortured.

11. Someone eats
mozzarella sticks and almost chokes on the cheese.

12. Someone loses
their memory.

13. Someone gets a
haircut that looks really bad and all the other characters have to react to

14. Your characters
go swimming.

15. Your characters get stranded on an island together.

16. Some of your
characters accidentally become children.

17. Everyone is dead.

18. Your characters go shopping.

19. A character runs up the stairs in just his
boxers, takes ice cream out of the freezer, then runs back downstairs.

20. Someone is in the
hospital, and another character visits them because they really love hospital food.

ok gs got that? you like those prompts? haha i worked so hard on them. also hob helped a bunch.

haha gs today i watched arthur! haha it was the one where d.w.'s fave tv show, mary moo cow, get's cancelled, so d.w. sends the network a petition! haha we should do that for heroes! except for the petition didn't actually work. but d.w. got to go the set of mary moo cow and she got a bunch of free stuff and she got to meet the lady that plays mary moo cow! i wish that would happen to me. except not for mary moo cow. for heroes. that would be awesome if we wrote a petition to bring back heroes and then we got to go to where they film the stuff and we got free heroes stuff and we got to meet the actors of heroes. espec if we got to meet zq!!!

haha gs i just had to write that big long glug paragraph because as i am writing this post i see that these words appear right next to the beautiful table that i made, and idk if they will be like that in the real post, and next i am going to put a fic that i wrote and i don't want it to be squished next to the table like these words are. well actually these words are not squished in the side anymore, so i think that means we are ready for a fic.

haha gs i always the write the most glug fics. i hope you don't mind reading my glugness. espec all this sylaire glug fics.

Title: This Is Why We Don't Discuss Rescue Plans In Public
Characters/pairings: sylar/claire, peter
Rating: t
Category: humor/romance
Summary: claire and sylar have to convince peter that they're on a date to save his life
Prompt: task 3-prompt #5; Someone’s pizza is
too spicy.

“You want breadsticks?” Sylar asked, skimming through the menu. Claire rolled her eyes.

“Is food all you can think about?” she growled.

“Well you still haven’t told me why we’re here,” Sylar reminded her, “I mean, just a shot in the dark here, but I’m guessing it wasn’t your idea to have dinner with me.”

“Like I’d really want to have dinner with you,” Claire spat. Sylar gave her his why-do-you-hate-me-so-much-look, but she paid no attention. “Listen,” she said, her voice getting lower. Sylar leaned a bit closer across the table to her to hear what she was saying. “I’m only here because Angela had another one of her dreams.”

Sylar sighed. “And?”

“And Peter’s life is in danger,” Claire finished dramatically. “She said-” But Claire was interrupted by a waiter bringing their pizza to their table.

“Ah, looks good,” Sylar said appreciatively.

“Sylar, are you listening to me?!” Claire yelled, snapping her fingers.

“Yup, I’m listening,” Sylar replied, taking a bite of pizza.

“Angela said that only you and I can save him and-”

“Oh boy,” Sylar interrupted. “That means it’s gonna be extremely dangerous and we’re going to have to die. Probably painfully.”

“And that we can’t, under any circumstances, tell Peter.”

“Well that’s going to be sort of difficult, isn’t it? We have to save his life, but not tell him we’re saving his life?”

“Sylar,” Claire said seriously, “You have to promise you won’t say anything about this to- oh, hi Peter!”

Both Claire and Sylar simultaneously looked up to see Peter standing at the end of their table.

“Um…what’s going on?” he asked.

“Uuuuuuh,” said Claire.

“What?” Sylar shrugged. “Can’t two people go on date?”

“You’re on…a date?” Peter asked skeptically. Claire nodded, going along with it.

“Yeah. Uh huh.”

“You…and Sylar?”

“Oh please, Peter, you say that like it’s so hard to believe,” Sylar said with what sounded like real hurt in his voice. “What you think I’m not worthy of your precious niece?”

“No, no, you’re…if you’re on date why aren’t you sitting next to each other?”

Sylar and Claire looked at each other from across the table, and then Claire got up and joined Sylar in the booth where he was seated. Peter sat down across from them.

“Mind if I join you for minute?” he asked.


“Well actually…”

“Great!” Peter said, ignoring them, grabbing a slice of pizza.

“Peter, what are you even doing here?” Sylar asked.

“I’m Italian,” Peter shrugged. Sylar and Claire exchanged confused glances but didn’t press on the subject.

“So when exactly did you crazy kids get together?” Peter asked, somewhat distrustfully.

“You know…” said Claire.

“Uh, recently,” Sylar supplied, rubbing the back of his neck. Peter nodded.

“Awesome,” he said, “That’s really…you know, I’m glad for you two, it’s just, you don’t really look like you’re on a date…”

Sylar looked meaningfully at Claire. She sighed, realizing this wasn’t going to pleasant. Sylar put his arm around her shoulder, and she leaned closer to his chest. They both planted fake smiles on their faces.

“Pffft,” Sylar laughed, “That’s ridiculous.”

“Hmm,” said Peter.

“Here, sweetie, have some milkshake,” Sylar offered, pulling his drink closer and adding another straw.
“Thanks, darling,” Claire replied, and they both bent their heads to drink at the same time.

“Oh, Claire-bear,” Sylar said sweetly.

“Oh, Gabe…babe,” Claire countered.

Peter chuckled. “You guys don’t have to pretend.”

“We’re not pretending!” Claire exclaimed earnestly.

“No, we’re not,” Sylar agreed, shaking his head seriously.

“Oh yeah?” Peter said, smiling crookedly. “Prove it. Kiss.”

“What?!” said Claire and Sylar at the same time.

“Well if you two lovebirds are really on a date, it shouldn’t be a big deal, shouldn’t it?” Peter asked, clearly not buying their little act.

“Okay…” Sylar said, putting his hand on the side of Claire head.

“Alright…” Claire said, bracing herself for what promised to be disgusting as she pulled Sylar’s face closer to her’s. Peter sat smirking as Sylar and Claire’s lips locked together.

At first, there was shock. Although this wasn’t the first time Claire had been kissed by Sylar. How could she forget the time he had come to her school and forced him to kiss her? But still couldn’t get over the oh-my-god-I’m-kissing-Sylar feeling. Then, there was some revulsion at what she doing. She tried to ignore the feeling of his lips against her’s, his hand in her hair.

The kiss lasted longer than Claire would have liked, but when they pulled away, Peter was staring at them in pleasant surprise.

“Whoa,” he said. “That was…um…sorry I doubted you guys.”

“Mmm, no problem,” Sylar said, a tad out of breath. Peter stood up.

“You two enjoy the rest of your date,” Peter laughed, “See you later,” he winked and then exited the restaurant. The minute he was gone, Claire shoved Sylar away and went back to sit on the other side of the table.

“You taste like pizza sauce,” she told him.

“Sorry,” Sylar grinned, “I think the pizza was too spicy.”

“Yeah, it was kind of hot.”


“The pizza!”


Claire rolled her eyes. “Keep dreaming, loverboy.”

did you like that, gs?

theeeee gameeeeeee

day 13-favorite childhood show:
i'm gonna have to agree with hob on this one.

day 14-favorite male character:

day 15- favorite female character:
yeah i dunno. i generally don't like female characters.

day 16-my guilty pleasure show:
oh g i SERIOUSLY can't think of one. D: would you count when i watched arthur today?

day 17- favorite mini series:
uh idek g. actually idg what a mini series is. bleh sorry for these suckish answers!

day 18- favorite title sequence:
bleh embedding was disabled. BUT I LOVE THAT DARN THING! haha me and hob used to always act it out!

day 19-best tv show cast:
heroes cast behind the scenes volume 4 by kelly star.
ah, i just love the heroes cast. i wish they could all still work together. ): well, at least they could still all get together for wrap up something maybe.

byeeeeee gs

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