Friday, June 11, 2010

The Second Task

hey gs!!!


ok gs im gonna try to make this post good because our last bunch of posts have been so sucking, but i guess first i need to get that darn blechy punishment out of the way. blehhh

ok here i go gs.

i see a stupid blue box. what the is this the real beginning of this ep? what the i can't understand a single word these people are saying. try speaking english. oh yeah you are speaking english. well try speaking american maybe. i see an ugly old guy. i see a stinky girl too. hahaha what the some stupid guy is clinging to the blue box. omg! there are the ugliest people ever. what the. why am i watching this show full of ugly people. this is a stupid song thing. what the. enough! why is this song so long? oh good its over. raaaaarrrr! im a ugly person with bad teeth! now im an old guy. now im an alien girl. g i just don't understand at all what is happening. g i am bored out of my mind. make this be over already. omg the doc is so annoying. omg is this jack he is sooo ugly! oh speak of ugly people by the way. what even. no i don't think you are looking good actually. what the i don't think they are blogging, doc. i think i am blogging. they are just talking. you big giant glug. the hunt is on! oh goody. boy i am so bored. i could go for like some real action. yawn yawn yawn! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! omg! my kitty is so cute! she is so snuggly! i love her! oh g i thought they were saying sylar but i guess they were saying silo or something. idek what they were saying. oh g there was a silo in this fanfic i spent all of today reading. oh g i really want to get back to that fic. its so awesome. there was also a sylar in it. there was a sylar in a silo actually. it was awesome. oh g what is going on now? the ugly people are trying to eat the other ugly people i guess. wow g that guy looks like richard. hey! a child! apparently he's old enough to work. i can't understand what this kid is saying. more children! heyyyy gs! what the jack is hitting on some dirty man. omg jack's voice is annoying i want to kill him. what is this old guy going on about? what the there is a hand in a jar. haha what is this? a flashback? omg i love this kitty. omg that g won't stop going on about his hand. she is so annoying i want to kill her. wow g i almost fell alseep. what the i think this old guy is about to die. nah actually i think he just almost fell asleep too. haha. oh g is that a boy or a girl i don't even. oh g that old guy is def up to something. wow g if you had drums inside your head you could always dance to them. oh g this is boring me to tears. nuh uh g you're not the only man who can never die. what even are you i don't know. oh g this must be another flashback. jack reminds me of a lion. like it always seems like he is roaring. i don't. and the doc is like a monkey. what is even going on? i don't. that is a voice like a snake that is. i. am. the master. g i saw that one coming. this show is so predictable. oh g saw that one coming too. OH G FINALLY IT IS OVER! GOOSBAG!

bleh that felt like such a big huge waste of my time.

bleh that also soaked up all my time that i was gonna use to do a good blog post, so now this post is gonna suck. D:

ok the game now i guess.

day 6- favorite episode of my favorite tv show:


hmmm well i guess i'll have to go with 324, "i am sylar"

because well, i think the way it sets up for the season finale is really spectacular, and the ending of the third season would probably not have been as powerful without this to precede it. also it has crying!sylar which is always pretty adorable. nathan and sylar also meet in this episode for the first time, and ellen greene guest stars! i mean, why wouldn't you love this episode? and not only that but micah is it, and there aren't as many story lines in it, which is something i like.

it was really hard to pick just one episode though, because there are so many great episodes!!!!

oh g btw i can't even believe this is only the second time i have gotten punished. what the. its june. wowie.

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