Wednesday, September 26, 2012

the northern wall of chickens

heyyyyy gs

bleh here's all the things i hate


i wish yesterday was tuesday and today was tuesday too

wow yesterday was a day like literally all i did was talk to my friend about my show because she was on some really great eps

ok well para you could have gotten a phone any time in the last 2 years so

ok there as something else i was gonna say but idk what it was?

wow im the the computer lab and all these people are doing work what is wrong with them

i wish i was dead


i wish my ship wasn't as great as it is

also jj

wow it's really the best ship i am just going to say

ok well one week from today is spn. who is excited not me. wow i wish i could get to watch it when it was on if only because i'll have to come home from a long day of being at school for 12 hours and i'll just want to relax but nope i'll have to watch an episode of a show that will probably just make me angry

well bye

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