Sunday, September 30, 2012

attack of the cats

heyy gs

 i really don't want to study for my test in health class tomorrow. it's all multiple choice and should be pretty easy though.  and it's all pretty common sense stuff.  knowing my luck though it will probably be all on really detailed and obscure stuff that my teacher barely even talked about.  oh well though.  i'm pretty sure i have an a in the class right now anyways and i don't really care about that class that much.

wow there's a movie on my front page of netflix that has the actor of ned holding a sword and in armor and i thought it was game of thrones at first!!!

but it's not.  it just happens to be a movie where he is in a medieval setting and his hair and facial hair looks exactly the same.

i still need to watch season 2 but i think i'm going to wait until i get around to finishing the second book.

well actually i am going to study just a little bit for my health test before i go to sleep.

and i have a little bit of homework to finish.

byee gs

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