Wednesday, September 19, 2012


heyy gs.

blehh today was a really busy and stressful day and  now i have a huge headache.

idk why but this week has just been dragging on forever and i really want it to be the weekend already so i can just relax and regain energy.

even though i have less classes per day then i did in high school, every day just seems so long and exhausting.

the only real good thing today is i managed to smuggle out 2 pears in my jacket and an ice cream cone from the dining hall!  you're only supposed to be able to take out 1 piece of fruit or 1 ice cream.

oh yeah and idk if it's going to work out and if i'll be able to do it but i'm working on something awesome and goblin related for our blog!!!!  it will be really awesome if i can find the time to finish it and if it turns out well!

 wow, supernatural season 3 starts in exactly 2 weeks from now!!!!  i am excited for it but at the same time i'm kinda worried it will be similar to the way i felt about season 6 and season 7.  i liked those two seasons but i didn't think they were nearly as good as seasons 1-5 and there were parts of the seasons i really didn't like.

i just wish there would be one last season of supernatural that focuses entirely on sam and dean and doesn't have the whole heaven thing or cas or kevin.

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