Tuesday, September 25, 2012

doctor cat

Hey gs!

Sorry this post is a wee bit late but boy did I have a fun night؟  So I was studying for my test tomorrow and then Kelly kicked me out of our room because she wanted to sleep with the light off and I wanted to study with the light on so we had a conflict of interests I guess.  And so then I went to study out in the hall because the lounge was filled with people watching tv but that wasn't really working for me so then I went to my friends' room but then they wanted to go to sleep to so then I went to the library and studied and wow fun times I just got back wow so much fun.

Also people in the library were talking and being so annoying.  Like okay if you want to talk go to the first floor where that is acceptable because here on the second floor we like to be quiet.  And this one person was like talking to this other person and he was like "why are you talking so quietly???" And his friend was like "hahaha idk." And then he was like "oh I guess we are in a library." And then they both did a big laugh and kept on talking loudly I wanted to stab them.

Gob you haven't seen the new Spider-Man movie??? You FOOL!!!! It's so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hob I feel for ya but raise your hand if you have gotten a new phone in the last four years.

Although I guess I am getting a new one.

But wow Noah lost his phone how predicable.

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