Thursday, September 20, 2012

the chicken war of extermination

heyyyy gs

yeah same this is the longest week of my life too. and the worst. that's a bad combination

bleh i hate when noah makes his stupid smoothies

wow i just found out that all the dubbed fmab episodes are on the funimation websites includng these extra eps that i really wanna see but too bad my comp isnt working enough for me to watch them

tbh i'm like dreading spn coming back. that is what i realized today. also apparently there was another promo with more of the hug. ok well

wow i WISH it was s3. that would be the best ol time. WE WOULD HAAVE THE CHRISTMAS EPISODE TO LOOK FORWARD TO!!!!!!! even though we wouldn't know about it yet. wow thanks a lot gob for getting my hopes up!!! i really thought s3 was starting in 2 weeks

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