Tuesday, September 18, 2012

struggle of the chicken

hhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeyyyyyyyy gs

haha icqcml because just now i was in the kitchen eating some pretzels (i mean i was eating nutella but i was using pretzels to get it into my mouth) and dad was in the family room watchiin tv and he thoguht i was noah. because i was eating prezels, i assume. hahahahahah

nah para i was jj. well i tried to look up that guy to see what his deal was and well i just could not knw. well did i saw that now my o key fell of??? cuz it did bleh

WOW LIKE TODAY I WOKE UP TO THE NEWS THAT A SONG WAS RELEASED BY W/E THAT GUYS NAME IS AND JENSEN BUT I CAN'T LISTEN TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and there's a music vdeo which ii watched w/out sound. i could just about slit a man's throat. and that man could be misha maybe because he did a tweet about that poll, as you would expect of him, but this one was especially dumb

haha para also icqcml at your picciiies

wow idk what is up w/ this blog cuz i can't watch that vid

here is what i love: my ship. it's better than most things in our world

wow tuesdays are the best day thuogh. because i have no classes so......................

i am so darn hungry i could eat a thing. ww it is earlier than i thought s o i'll probably havve to wait 6 hours until dinner. wehre is mo

the weather today and yesterdyda was so nce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it felt liike a fall's day almsot!!!!

well i realized that lookin at the recently watched on netflix isnt even that excitng because the only thng para watches on there is spiderman and the only thing noah watches is how i met your mther. and whenever i see that he's watched that it makes me so angry for some reason iidk

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