Sunday, June 2, 2013

bob's cats

heyy gs.

blehhh i'm really tired.  i was at nathan and kasandra's house this weekend and i had to sleep on the couch downstairs and people kept waking me up by being loud and doing dishes down there in the morning D:

i hope i don't have a piano lesson tomorrow because i want to sleep in.

wow so today i was watching this episode of spongebob and i guess all day was a marathon of spongbob's best "winning" episodes and the number one and final episode was like the absolute worst episode of spongebob i've ever seen.  all the new episodes of spongebob are super stupid now.

oh also another dissapointment of today is that there was a yard sale next to nathan and kasandra's house but it was super glug stuff.  i really want to find some awesome yard sales this summer.

okay the second fanmix will be:

Fanmix 2- A dark or grim tv show

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