Tuesday, June 18, 2013

la chicken

heyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs


well another day, another not finished fanmix

do i even want to post

no i do not

i wanna watch our show

but i dont want to watch what's coming

icqcme for season 4 though

even though i dont remember a lot from it but some good things will come to us in it

well one thing at least


noah no whining

why did you watch the movie if you didnt wanna

what is ftb

the world isnt conspiring against you. you're dumb as sticks

omg para i have two things ive mean meaning to put in a post for like a week at least but i keep forgetting

ok one is this nice art that i saw even though theres some dc its still good maybe

the other is this small blog that i remembered about icqcml

maybe spock should do stuff

now its nothin but my way

my loneliness aint killin me no more




when does gob come back

well when he gets back he'll be punished for noah's yucky post yesterday

nah he wont

is he gonna read these posts


are you out there???????????

desmond stinks

star wars is for dummies

goblins are smelly

ok just seein if you're there

wait im gonna make a goblin quiz

if you dont pass it then you and your whole family will be sent to prison

goblins quiz
1. who stinks
2. do i even want to post
3. why did noah watch the movie if he didnt wanna
4. am i stronger or weaker
5. is noah allowed to whine
6. what will happen if you fail this quiz
7. is anything good coming to us in season 4
8. who is doing stuff on the small blog
9. whats your favorite part of this post
10. noah is dumb as ____________

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