Monday, June 3, 2013

chicken boy

heyyyyy gs

gob idg why you didnt post a fanmix...

what were the spongebob episodes winners of? aw g i havent seen any new episodes but the people who make them probably dont even know talent

haha i realized that in my last post i said there were star trek spoilers out of habit but there werent really any spoilers. ah well

wow so not only did mom say yucky things but she made abbs hacve too high expectations!!!! thats hurtful of her

nice fanmix para!!!!
nice vid para!!!
nice piccies para!!!!

ok now im gonna talk about last night's game of thrones!!!

game of thrones spoilers gam eof th eorne spsoeilr spgjignmekl,akjsgasdg (no really there are gonna be really big spoilers because it was an episode where really major things happened so turn back now!!!!!!!)

*well actually except for the end most of the episode was p boring tbh.........mostly bc it had like nobody i care about in it. well nah i care about most people actually but usually its like if cersei and or sansa and or jaime isnt in an ep i just cant really care about it...
*wow idk if bran and rickon being really near to jon was in the book because i forget but wow that was so frustrating!!!! couldnt bran have like tried a little harder to go after him or call him or get jon to recognize his direwolf or?????? but i guess after the parallel between that and arya almost seeing cat and robb, i appreciated it more
*ok i actually missed a few things because i was watching a livestream for once and of course the dummie internet kept stop working and it wouldnt let me pause so idek what happened with dany. also i missed a little bit at the end wow like of all the times for it to not work
*ok well i guess ill talk about the red wedding now hmmmmmmmmmmm well ok i dont even care about it that much like i love cat but idgaf about robb and in fact i hate him in the show and even with cat it's like ok the writers hate you so please die already so i dont have to put up with this anymore so i pretty much just watched it with a lil poker face and then got a lil bit annoyed about how strongly people reacted to it, especially people who already knew what happened. w/e but wow when people like robb i just cant even. like for one thing he's not even attractive..........
*ok the point is bleh blah blooh there was too much of a focus on dummie talisa and wow her death scene was ugh (even though she's bleh but that doesnt matter) like i coulda told you they were gonna stab her in the stomach but it was really unnecessary and seemed like they just an excuse for more yucky violence enacted upon women and for the sake of robb's reaction and that is yucky
*wow michelle fairley should get an aware for that scene. ok thats all i have to say

end of spoilers end pso fspierl send pso fpelsiofuierdsgadgasdg

whats a chicken bowl

ok heres my fanmix. its star trek into darkness i guess

1. amazing - kanye west (uhura, spock, sulu)
i'm amazing
yeah i'm all that

2. cuppycake song (spock/uhura)
you're my cuppycake, gumdrop, snoogums boogums
you're the apple of my eye
and i love you so and i want you to know
that i'll always be right here

3. through glass - stone sour (kirk/spock)
i'm looking at your through the glass
don't know how much time has passed

4. adventures in solitude (kirk)
we thought we lost you
we thought we lost you
we thought we lost you
welcome back

5. fuck you - lily allen (jj abrams)
you're just some racist
who can't tie my laces
your point of view is medieval
fuck you, fuck you very very much
'cause we hate what you do
and we hate your whole crew

ah yes as you can see i covered all the important parts of the movie in this fanmix (plus kirk)

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