Monday, June 24, 2013

welcome to the chicken

heyy gs

para you're dumb as sticks

i thought gob was back yesterday where was his post???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

and where was noahs post for the last two posts

maybe he thought his last post was such a good post that nothing could ever top it so why bother

and he was right

in fact why am i even bothering to post

why am i even alive

why is ponyo not on netflix

how did you get out of the wormhole

why did tara goof up the spell that one time

why do we have riley and more importantly why do we have him with buff

wow are you even supposed to care about that ship im guessing you are but how?? what??? how??????

i think its about time we moved on from it already

but what's coming is what i never know how to feel about

ok well

i dont know what to do next

this is the map you're looking for

you must set sea to find

your dad

good luck

lightning bolt

you have the power to know



you can figure out things


before you

find out


just think hard and you'll know what to do next

that's the mystery

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