Thursday, June 6, 2013

it's a fine chicken

heyyyyy gs

jus comin atcha

happy yesterday birthday gob!!!

haha remmeber when we did like big ol birthday posts wow i cant imagine doing that now because too much laze

oh ok gob i just didnt know why you didnt post a fanmix and didnt say anything about it but inbd

haha how could the internet hate a small little parasite??? idgi!!!!

i bet people in our house think that getting science things wrong in a movie is worse than racism..............

nice fanmix para!!!! wow finally this darn fanmix!!!! wow i really like the cover. its so cute and small and doubtful that a five year old could make that tbh

ok heres my fanmix for the gloomy gus show one

its for game of thrones s3 so there might be some spoilers

1. how does it feel - eskimo joe (cersei)

you're gonna lose everything
how does it feel?

2. fire at the pageant - the felice brothers (dany)

12346789 thousand
fire, fire at the pageant

3. bleeding love - leona lewis (jon/ygritte)

something happened for the very first time with you
my heart melted to the ground
found something true

4. marry me - emilie autumn (sansa)

marry me, he said, through his rotten teeth, bad breath, and then
marry me instead of that strapping young goatherd, but when
i was in his bed and my father had sold me
i knew i hadn't any choice, hushed my voice, did what any girl would do
when i'm beheaded at least i was wedded
and when i am buried at least i was married
i'll hide my behavior with wine as my savior
but oh, what beautiful things i'll wear

5. let the bodies hit the floor - drowning pool (red wedding)

let the bodies hit the floor
let the bodies hit the floor
let the bodies hit the floor
let the bodies hit the floor

6. i write sins, not tragedies - panic at the disco (walder frey)

what a beautiful wedding

 the next fanmix will be a fanmix for a happy gus show
whys this underlined 

wow people are seeming to think that a thing is gonna happen in the got s3 finale that i thought wasnt gonna happen until the end of the next season and it's the best thing that could ever happen but now it's like ok well i need more time than that to be excited for it tbh and also now what will i have to look forward to in the next season and also this is really gonna fuck everything up and i like the way it happened in the book so i dont want it to be changed

ok heres happy goats:

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