Tuesday, June 25, 2013

the coming of the goat

Hey gs!!!

Hob why am I dumb as sticks???

I thought Gob was gonna be back but I guess he wasn't but even if he wasn't he is still in trouble because Noah thought he was going to back and so he didn't post so it is Gob's fault for not properly informing Noah of when to post so

Haha yeah why do any of us bother to post when Noah's last post was the best post that could ever exist.

Oh yes here's the remix I made of it (and here's the link to the post for reference)

 Ah what a beautiful song

Gob could probably make a better remix I bet bc idk he's a music guy???

Idk why Tara blundered that spell still when will that be addressed.  Yeah same can we have a new ship with Buff pls like one that isn't such a snore. Like usually the ships in this show even if I don't like them I still find them interesting I guess like I don't really ship Xander and Anya but at least it's interesting????

Welp they finished filming TASM 2 what a big relief.

Oh wait I forgot that I made Noah that fanmix he asked for in his amazing post here it is

A fanmix of songs Wolverine would like to sing

1. Lone Wolf - Eels
I am a lone wolf
I always was and will be
I feel fine
I am resigned to this

I am a lone wolf

2. Who Wants to Live Forever - Queen
Who wants to live forever
Who dares to love forever

When love must die?

3. Reprehensible - They Might Be Giants
The secrets gather round as the voice recites

The secret history of my immortal soul

4. Hard Road - Sam Roberts
You beat them back, but they drag you in
And I can't say that I am sorry for all my many sins
And you try to find the love that'll see you through your darkest days
And her soft brown hair is as long as a Canadian highway
And the sun dies until it's reborn

But there's no road that ain't a hard road to travel on

5. I Get Knocked Down - Chumbawamba
I get knocked down
But I get up again
You're never gonna keep me down
Pissing the night away
Pissing the night away
He drinks a whiskey drink
He drinks a vodka drink
He drinks a lager drink

He drinks a cider drink

6. Wolverine - Sufjan Stevens
Homecoming queen
Took the train
To Pickerel Lake

It's not your fault

You're welcome Noah

Okay now finally this darn fanmix I guess although I left out like three songs because I couldn't figure out where they should go maybe I shouldn't have made this particular fanmix for this one

Fanmix 5- a fanmix that tells a narrative

This is a fanmix for the Amazing Spider-Man video game

1. Knights of Shame – Awolnation

Peter: What if I stop all the cross-species?
Gwen: There's no question they should be stopped, but even if they are, there's still a risk the virus will spread.

Dance, baby, dance
Like the world is ending

Connors: And Gwen... And our only hope is what? Alistair Smythe and his band of killer robots? They'll destroy the city worse than the virus could ever hope to.

Lay waste to cities
Leave towns in ruin
I am a robot
Whole arsenal stock
Ready to blow

2. Disease – Matchbook Twenty

Peter: Gwen, I have to ask. What's going to happen...to you?
Gwen: I don't know, but it's not going to be good. I'm infected, Pete. We all are. You remember what happened to Connors. This only leads to one thing. 

I got a disease
Deep inside me
Makes me feel uneasy baby
I can't live without you 
Tell me what I am supposed to do about it

3. Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1 – The Flaming Lips

Gwen: Be careful, Pete. Doctor Smythe is programming his robots to capture all cross-species. That may include you. 

Those evil-natured robots
They're programmed to destroy us

Robot: Cross-species detected. Elimination required. 
Peter: Oh no! Please! I beg you! Not elimination! Please, nooo, noooooo! (webs robot) Gotcha. 

They don't believe me
But you won't let those robots defeat me

4. London Beckoned Songs About Money Written by Machines – Panic! At the Disco
Whitney: (starts taking pictures of Peter)
Peter: Hey, what are you doing? Easy!
Whitney: So, you know who I am. Who's the man behind the mask? 
Peter: You want the short answer or the long one?
Whitney: After you pulled that stunt busting Connors out of the asylum, everyone's wondering about your true intentions.

Well we're just a wet dream for the webzine,
Make us it, make us hip, make us scene
Or shrug us off your shoulders

Peter: You took the whole elevator out? A little overboard, don't you think?
Gwen: Relax. I'll just tell them you did it. 
Peter: Good call. What's one more blemish on my record?

Just for the record,
The weather today is slightly sarcastic with a good chance of:
A. Indifference or
B. Disinterest in what the critics say

5. Pioneers – Bloc Party

Gwen: You know what Connors did to this city! He created this problem to begin this!
Peter: And he can create an antidote. This isn’t the Lizard. This is Dr. Connors.

If it can be broke then it can be fixed, if it can be fused then it can be split
It's all under control

Peter: So…ready to play God?

We promised the world, we'd tame it, 
What were we hoping for?

6. This Night – Black Lab

Peter: Doc, I don’t know what you’ve heard, but I’m trying to get you a cure. 
Smythe: I heard that you helped Curt Connors escape from an asylum. I heard the guards at my Archive Facility have broken noses. Here we are quarantined We have fever, nausuea, it’s difficult to focus. And my robots say a cross-species is still in the building. So after all this, Spider-Man, you tell me you have a cure. 

There's a game
That I play
There are rules
I had to break

Peter: Here’s gone. Gwen was right… How could I be so stupid? I let the Lizard escape! 

There's a beast
And I let it run
Now it’s running my way

7. Break Myself – Something Corporate 

Connors: You're bleeding.
Peter: So what?
Connors: You're tired. You need to lie down. 
Peter: No, I need to save Gwen. I need to save...everybody…

Well, I'm willing to break myself
To shake this hell from everything I touch
I'm willing to bleed for days, my reds and grays
So you don't hurt so much

8. Monster – Paramore

Robot: Contamination level 75 percent
Peter: Time's running out... Hey folks, Spider-Man here. I have an antidote to the infection. You're going to be alright. Just hang on a little while longer. 

I'll stop the whole world, I'll stop the whole world
From turning into a monster and eating us alive

Smythe: He did this on purpose. To poison me. To poison all of us. So his beasts could rule the city. I won’t let it happen. You’ll pay for this, Spider-Man. 

I'm only human, I've got a skeleton in me
But I'm not the villain, despite what you're always preaching.
Call me a traitor, I'm just collecting your victims

9. Starlight – Muse

Peter:  No...No, you can't do this! I saved you! I did everything I could to save you! You've got to hold on for me! Gwen? Gwen, you gotta fight for me! You gotta fight!

But I'll never let you go
If you promise not to fade away
Never fade away

Peter: .I just wanted to be with you. Even when I promised I wouldn't. I just wanted to...love you. I'm lost without you, Gwen.

Hold you in my arms
I just wanted to hold
You in my arms 

10. My Rights Versus Yours – The New Pornographers 

Smythe: Wakey wakey, Spider-Man. What's the matter? Can't handle a few million poisonous nanobots in your bloodstream?

The medicine, it still won't work 
But there's dangerous levels of it here

Smythe: You took my legs but you will never take my genius! My genius created this. And this will pound you into oblivion! 

Same thing as the other time 
But now it's your rights versus mine

11. Superhero – Ani Difranco

Peter: They're not reacting to me? That can only mean Alistair Smythe succeeded and I...I'm not longer Spider-Man. 

Cause I used to be a superhero
No one could hurt me 
Yeah not even myself
You are like a phone booth
That I somehow stumbled into
And now look at me
I am just like everybody else

Peter: Just another disagreement between me and a powerful madman bent on world destruction, you know how it goes... My powers are gone. 

Screaming, there's the asshole 
Who did this to me
Stripped me of my power
Stripped me down

12. The Distance – Cake

Peter: He needs help. I gotta get up there...
Gwen: You need to stay right here. 
Peter: That's not gonna happen.

He's going the distance.
He's going for speed.
She's all alone
In her time of need.

Whitney: Spider-Man! Kick his ass, alright?
Peter: It's not gonna be easy. I've lost my powers...
Whitney: What? Why are you going then?
Peter: I made a promise. 
Whitney: That's suicide! You sure you want to do this?
Peter: Hmmm....nope? (jumps off helicopter to fight the robot)

The sun has gone down and the moon has come up,
And long ago somebody left with the cup.
But he's striving and driving and hugging the turns.
And thinking of someone for whom he still burns.

13. Drunk on Aluminum – Wintersleep

Peter: Connors? Connors, its me! It's Peter! Connors!
Smythe: Looks like you made a new friend!
Connors: I can't...I can't...control...I can't... (roars and jumps off robot)

Oh my, are you the beast again?
Is it the violence you like?
Oh my, I feel it crawling in
Gnawing, reptilian
In the lost, loney night
Peter: You didn’t hurt anyone. Except me.

Wild eyes, I feel the teeth again
Gnawing and imminent
In the lost, loney night
Oh my, give me the words again

Ah that's pretty long.

Oh I guess it's my day to say what the next fanmix is. Oh I guess this is the last fanmix too.  Well...we don't really need it yet so if anyone has a really good idea they can say it bc I do not. Otherwise I will just say it in my next post I guess.

Let's see if I have any pics that I feel like posting right now

Omg I forgot that I next posted these three great pics of young Sam and Dean drinking iced coffee 

Wow great pics!!!

Blue monsters move one there aint no blue monsters!!!!!

Have a nice day!!!!

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