Sunday, June 16, 2013

the return of the green goat!

Hey gs!

No but I said I don't want there to be a whole big thing about his death I just want him to die like inbd also I tbh I don't want to see him suffer bc I don't want to see him at all. Also if all those people killed him they might have guilt about it and I don't want that for them bc it might make them sad so. Though how come in  your scenario Oz doesn't get to help kill him??? That small little guy who might want to help kill the guy who kissed his gf!!!

1. our small baby kitty!!!
2. oh I guess so
3. aw g get out of there pls
4. why

Aw g those didn't start very good conversations I guess but I tried

That's such a nice pic though!!!!

Aw g Noah well maybe you shouldn't believe stupid rumors people spread on the internet maybe you should get your information from more reliable sources doi

Yeah g Marvel Heroes is awesome

That's not nice to ignore Paul really.

Nice fanmix g.

Well the next fanmix I have to do is being so difficult so we're going to have to delay that a little bit longer sorry.

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