Sunday, June 9, 2013

chickens know you

heyyy gs

bleh blah blooh i was tryina watch game of thrones but the livestream wasnt working so i guess i have to wait like two hours and i was all like excited and ready to watch it blehhhh. wow wow owow owowowww i cant believe whats gonna happen in this episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bleh if i get spoiled before i watch it im gonna behead a man

nice fanmix cover gob

maybe noah will post for ya when youre gone

ok im jus gonna post my fanmix now

its for arrested development

1. not my idea - garbage

you thought that i would never see
what was meant for you was meant for me
i was distracted at the time
forget about yours now what about mine
this is not my idea of a good time

2. get a job - offspring

i won't pay, i won't pay ya
now way
nah nah why don't you get a job?

3. liar - taking back sunday

i'm an addict for dramatics
i confuse the two for love
you can't tell me that you don't beg
liar, liar
if we're keeping score

4. under my skin - jukebox the ghost

i can feel you breathing under my skin
each breath you take is a brand new design
each breath you take, brand new beginning
england has a way of getting under my skin
and my family has a way of getting under my skin

5. kissin' cousins - elvis

we'll kiss all night
i'll squeeze her tight
but we're kissin' cousins and that's what makes it alright

6. not even jail - interpol

i promise to commit no acts of violence
neither physical or otherwise
if things come alive

7. runs in the family - amanda palmer

mary have mercy
now look what i've done
but don't blame me because
i can't help where i come from
and running is something that we've always done
well and mostly i can't even tell what i'm running from
i cannot
i cannot
i cannot
run from my family

ok now for a super great pic i drew today. its spiderman and dean

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