Saturday, June 22, 2013

goat strikes back!

Hey gs!!!

Wow Hob and Noah you are dumbies!!!!!!

Okay well Noah just darn didn't post so I guess Gob will have to punish himself for that. And then Hob apparently thought Noah was supposed to post yesterday because he didn't post the day before but I already said on the first day of the month that we couldn't mess up the schedule this month so she should have known not to do that or she could have asked the boy informed him of this seeing as they live in the same darn house but she didn't so maybe she could punish herself for that as well if she feels like being an Honest Man.

But I guess no one has even punished themselves yet on this blog so I guess this isn't a blog of Honest Men.

Well bad news kids you didn't post on the days you were supposed to say the new fanmixes so I get to steal that glory from ya.

Fanmix 8 - a fanmix of songs all by the same artist
Fanmix 9 - a fanmix of oldie songs

Okay well I'm still working on that same one but hopefully it will be done by my next post and I guess everyone is just going to have to keep working on this game into the next month because all these fanmixes still have to get made!

Hmm well obviously there is nothing to respond to...

Well today I went to a party with my friends and we watched The Magic School Bus good times. Also we played Apples to Apples and it's really crazy how good my friend is at guessing who played which card......

Okay I can't think of anything else to say so I will post some piccies

Here's a pic I drew for my mother because she asked me to draw Hawkeye in Hawkeye's costume.  I asked her which costume and she said it needed to be one where you could see a lot of Hawkeye's fur so I drew this one

This is just the good old team from Ultimate Spider-Man! From left to right: Ava, Danny, Luke, Peter, and Sam. This pic p much sums up the show tbh.

Okay well that's enough pics for now have a nice day!!!

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