Saturday, June 15, 2013

when the chickens are down

heyyyyyyy gs

noah thats not really a good reason to hate everyone in this world like there are lots of better reasons really so

well nice fanmix!!

yeah para you know when we thought up that thing where there would be one ep where bobby like gradually became evil or something and then died and no one was sad? well i dont think that would be necessary for xander because really doubtful that it would take anyone very long to get over it after he died so he could just die any ol way probs. in fact her could probably die a realyl painful death and it would still be fine. ok heres what i want: buffy, willow, cordelia, giles, and angel all stand in a circle around xander. buffy has a teeny itsy little needle. well its not that teeny. its pretty long maybe and also a little thick but still itsy enough to poke through a person. buffy pokes it through the person name xander. then she passes it to the next person. that person pokes it in a place. then they pass it. then they keep doing this until theyve poke all the important places on him and he dies. i guess in this scenario they wouldnt be sad about his death at all because they are seeming to be the ones killing him

ok now im gonna answer not just one of your qs but all

1. well the smallest is a little baby. it was born on a dark and stormy night when an old man had a story to tell. and the story that the old man told was: once there was a little baby. it was so small you couldnt even. it was the color of orange juice. it looked nice against the green grass. it was coming round the mountain when it came. when we named her, we called her after the eye of a very special bird. she had four feet

2. doi g science has not gone too

now it has

3. im still in the wormhole

4. 8

nice fanmix g!!!

nice piccies!!!! wow i already said about that first pic but again i'll say that is something special. and the other ones are so cutes!!

ok i completely forgot to make the fanmix that needs making so no fanmix

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