Friday, June 7, 2013

the grotesque adventure of the goat goblin

Hey gs!!!

Haha yeah I can understand the internet hating a goblin but a parasite??? Jk but I thought people liked goblins so idg that

Yeah and that was based on some actual words from my friend who was like going on about how the physics didn't make sense but he didn't even care about the blatant racism in Star Trek into Darkness

Tyt about my fanmix. Yeah same that fanmix was in the works for a long time probably a lot of hours went into that haha. But it probably would have been better if I had finished it a long time ago bc I couldn't remember the purpose for a lot of those songs so I was just like whatever

Well I have been playing Marvel Heroes and it's so much fun!!!! Wow it's really great you should play it. Except the one thing that's frustrating is I want to play as Spider-Man but he cost 2k gs and idk how to get gs besides buying them so maybe you just have to buy him but I don't want to do that. Except the free hero I got is Daredevil who is also one of my favorite characters so it's not a big deal usually except for when I see Spider-Man and I want to smash things because it looks so fun to play as him bleh. Like he's so good and says funny things and he's so cute and small I hate him

But there's lots of great things about Marvel Heroes and it's written by Bendis and its free to play and it's so much fun and it's great!!!!

Um also I watched the first episode of Avengers Assemble and idk??? It's not nearly as good as EMH??? It's not as good as USM??? Why do we even have this???? Also apparently Rhodey and Sam are interchangeable bc they are black wow I hate people

Well the one good thing about it is that it's really good for shipping Tony and Steve but okay so was EMH so idk

Wow Gob u r so old I bet u wish u were young n fresh like me

Well I'm going to post my fanmix later maybe bc I want to play Marvel Heroes rn

Fanmix 4 - your favorite character right now

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