Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the cats of war

heyy gs.

blehh my internet kept cutting out and wouldn't work for like more than 5 minutes at a time.

i'm going to go ahead and post this now and then just keep updating so i will at least have something for a post.

wow para i keep reading about so many villains being in tasm2 and i can't keep straight which ones were just rumors or which ones are actually true.  or are maybe some of the villains just being set up in tasm2 for the eventual third movie?

wow i just got over 9000 plays of music on last.fm!!!! that is crazy!  If every song I listened to was at least 3 minutes long that means I have listened to over 27,000 minutes, or 450 hours worth of music since october 26, 2009!  it's probably way more than that though because i'm sure a lot of my songs are over 3 minutes.

fanmix 5- a fanmix that tells a narrative (for example it could be the story of one episode, one arc, one season, one entire show, etc.)

well i have the first three fanmixes in progress but i just can't get to finishing and and focusing on just one of them so probably some time after i get back from my music composition workshop i will post a

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