Tuesday, June 4, 2013

the menace of...goat!

Hey gs!!!

Gob why didn't you post a fanmix??

Tyt about my famix
Tyt about my vid
Tyt about my pics

Wow good news!!! Flash is going to be in TASM 2 after all!!!! Haha it was like right after I said that the first pics with Chris Zykla on set came out that was crazy. They are so cute also!!! There is this one pic with Andrew and Chris hugging I hope that is going to be in the movie!!!!!!!!!! Bleh I wish I could stop getting spoiled about this darn movie though but idk how to do that even

Happy Birthday tomorrow Gob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow please help the people in this world who think that getting science and physics and stuff wrong in a movie is a bigger problem that racism

Fanmix 2 - a dark or grim tv show

This was hard because doi I only watch kids cartoons anymore but

Surprise! It's my long lost Supernatural sheep fanmix!!!

You can tell I spent a really long time on this masterpiece of a cover wow so beautiful

1. Sheep Marketing Ploy – Tom Smith 
Way down in the fiery lake,
Lucifer had a lot at steak,
But he wanted some lamb chops instead, and Shari Lewis wasn't dead,
So he kidnapped some virgin wool, grabbed its soul and began to pull,
But he never thought that the lamb he'd caught
Would rebel and then conquer and rule.

2. Talk Shows on Mute – Incubus 
Edging in towards the flame
Burn into obscurity
Still and transfixed
The electric sheep are dreaming up your fate

3. The Sheep Song – Dresden Dolls 
But I see a sheep that will not leave
From the back they catch him in a trap

 4. So How Come (No One Loves Me) – The Beatles 
Well if you wonder who the loneliest creatures in the world can be
Well they're the ugly duckling, the little black sheep, and me

5. Sheep – The Housemartins 
It's sheep we're up against
Sheep we're up against

6. Black Sheep – Metric 
Black sheep, come home
Hello again, friend of a friend I knew you when
Our common goal was waiting for the world to end

7. Been to Hell – Hollywood Undead 
Now you're in the world of the wolves
And we welcome all you sheep
Been to hell
I can show you the devil
Down you fell
Can't hold yourself together
Soul to sell

8. Counting Bodies like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums – A Perfect Circle 
Counting bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drums
I’ll be the one to protect you from your enemies and all your demons

 9. Sheep go to Heaven – Cake 
As soon as you're born you start dying
 So you might as well have a good time
Sheep go to heaven
Goats go to hell

10. The Fall of Man – Matthew Good Band 
You pray for the sheep
 I get closer to hell

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