Saturday, June 8, 2013

red cat's on fire

heyy gs. 

sorry i don't have a fanmix ready yet, (though i have 2 in progress) but here is a sneak preview of my fanmix about a movie!

wow i just realized i only know like 1 or 2 of the songs out of all of the songs in the fanmixes posted so far...the covers look really cool though!

it's crazy how this summer has either been super relaxed and lazy or super busy for me. on friday i was super busy like all day.  i had a ton of rehearsal, a private lesson and a recital for my old clarinet teacher.

and tomorrow i am playing music for a church early in the morning (and getting paid $75 every week to do it which is awesome but getting up early is going to suck) and then i'm going to this picnic dinner think with people from my dad's college.

and next week i go off to a music composition workshop in kansas city so i'll be busy for like a week straight then.  i probably won't have time to post that week but i'm not sure.  do i need to find a sub for me to post?  cm is going to be at a music camp that week too so he can't do it.
bleh i went to like 5 yard sales today and all of them had absolutely nothing good.

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