Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the cat of genghis khan

heyy gs.

okay so i have no idea at all whose turn it really is to post but i'll go ahead and at least start a post now.

so apparently yesterday wasn't the day i was supposed to post so i'll just continue this post now.

okay first i will answer a bunch of questions that were asked.

goblins quiz
1. who stinks
comp man does
2. do i even want to post
no you do not
3. why did noah watch the movie if he didnt wanna
because of peer pressure
4. am i stronger or weaker
5. is noah allowed to whine
no way.  that is never allowed.
6. what will happen if you fail this quiz
according to you my whole family would be sent to prison but that would include yourself so i think you are bluffing.  the real answer to the question is absolutely nothing.
7. is anything good coming to us in season 4
i think so.  maybe.  idk what show you are talking about.  oh wait never mind.  you probably mean game of thrones. well i wouldn't know because i still have to watch season 3.
8. who is doing stuff on the small blog
9. whats your favorite part of this post
this goblin quiz
10. noah is dumb as ____________
someone who thinks desmond stinks, star wars is for dummies, and goblins are smelly.  jj, you aren't dumb!  noah is dumb as sticks.

i'll do the second goblin quiz next time but i want to put some other stuff in my post first before i run out of time.

TOMORROW I WILL BE AN UNCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THE BABY IS GOING TO BE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have a feeling that it is going to be a girl.  what do you gs think?

oh and some more good news...ginny caught a mouse last night!!  she didn't kill it though which surprised me.  she just really liked playing with it.  after she had picked it up in her mouth a few times and let it go a few times cm picked up the mouse with this paper bowl and we took it outside to the park.  i hope it doesn't come back and i hope ginny catches some more mice soon.  oh and by the way, now that i've gotten a good glimpse of the mouse i still think it looks super hideous and disgusting.  mice are not cute at all.

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