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unmasked by dr. goat

Heyyyy gs!!!!

Yeah I tried to tell Abby the movie had some problems with it but I still think she went to see it with too high expectations thanks to what mom said and I think she was somewhat disappointed so that's sad for her. But she agrees with me about some of the things I guess idk I can usually sway her opinions so maybe that was part of it haha idk. Well I was talking to Abby today about it and mom was just shaking her head bleh

Yeah wow and people who hate the Spock/Uhura ship always hate on Uhura its never Spock wow I hate everyone. Not that I want anyone to hate Spock but

Yeah but Supernatural is still good because it just has these two main characters and if you like them both then you're good. I mean ensemble casts are fine it's just I prefer everything to be focused on my favorite character all the time and that's not usually the case for things with ensemble casts and like there's usually at least a few characters you don't care for and sometimes they will probs be the focus and that's bleh for you. Okay but that's like I was reading Avengers comics the other day and I realized that like they're good to read but they'll never be my favorite because there will always be some arcs I don't care for because they are sometimes focused on characters I don't care that much about. But still ensemble casts can be good because there can be lots ppl doing things idk how to explain it

Gob you are the biggest dumb to ever dumb why would you think "everything had to start with an s you see" was one of the lists it was obviously referring to the last list because everything started with an s wow you need your brain checked

I'm hearing news that there might be a new season or movie of Danny Phantom??? wtf????

Wow someone said that Flash isn't going to be in TASM 2 I really hope that's not true I'm so upset

So we're seriously going to have let's talk about comics time now but I don't remember all the ones I still need to talk about??? So we're just gonna talk about like two of them or something sorry

Deadpool #10:
*My ship!!!
*Except not really because it's Spock but still
*Wow Hell is a line in this too I wonder if Posehn and Duggan watch Supernatural
*Haha Deadpool's "face" when Spidey saves him!!! He's so happy!
*They said this was going to be a foursome with Deadpool, Spock, ghost!Peter, and Agent Preston. I've been deceived
*Batroc's not yelling "leap!" all the time like he does in USM
*Okay the little hearts when Deadpool says they're like lovers
*Ugh Spock's mask is annoying because it's not expressive like it just looks dumb I hate it
*Wait Deadpool takes off Spider-Man's glove but then in the last panel on that page he's wearing his glove again?? Does he give the glove back and he puts it back on or
*Spidey's small feet!!!
*Well there are so many references to Spider-Man and Deadpool being in a relationship I don't think I need to address them all but wow this ship so so canon and also after this issue Marvel made a video called the post-date interview and it was basically Deadpool talking about he and Spider-Man were together even though Spock was denying it and wow
*I mean obviously this will never be an actual ship but I don't think it's reasonable for anyone to really deny that Deadpool has feelings for Spider-Man so

Superior Spider-Man #10:
*Why am I still reading this
*Why couldn't Stegman have drawn more ASM issues I really like how he draws Peter what a cutie
*Wow stop brutally injuring ppl maybe
*Aww the little notes me too cop me too
*Of all the unPeter-like things Spock's done the thing that cues MJ that there's a problem is him saying "toodle-oo"??? Okay.....
*Wow if you're in a lecture hall and you're taking a test don't you know you're supposed to sit near the aisle if you know you're gonna finish it quickly???
*I really like Anna she's smart and cutie and cooks delicious things wow leave her alone Spock
*Wow awkward Jameson-Parker family dinner
*I ship MJ and Pedro
* I don't ship Ock with anyone bc that's yucky and he doesn't deserve love

Well it's time for our new game

It's gonna be the fanmix game bc one year ago we also had the fanmix game and that was a fun time

Everyone just takes turns saying what the new fanmix is but bc I know you are stupids and that might be confusing to you I am just going to tell you which days of the month you need to say what the new fanmix is as long as the posts don't get messed up

June 1 - Para (fanmix 1)
June 2 - Gob (fanmix 2)
June 6 - Hob (fanmix 3)
June 7 - Para (fanmix 4)
June 11 - Gob (fanmix 5)
June 12 - Hob (fanmix 6)
June 16 - Para (fanmix 7)
June 20 - Gob (fanmix 8)
June 21 - Hob (fanmix 9)
June 25 - Para (fanmix 10)

Only post one fanmix per post even though most of the time you will know one fanmix ahead. This is to give you time to complete the fanmixes!

Also you if fail to say what the fanmix is on your day the next person gets to say it instead so don't do this!

If you see any problems with this schedule let me know.

Fanmix 1 - a movie

This is going to be my Thor fanmix that I started last summer!!!

Really dramatic artwork idk

1. Hammer to Fall – Queen 
It comes to you as to us all
We're just waiting
For the hammer to fall

 2. Smile – Supernaturals 
You'd better smile
Cause that's all that you've got left
Your life's a mess
You've been cut adrift

 3. You are a Space Alien – Sicko 
I'm wondering what's going on
Do conversations make sense where you come from?
And then revelation hits me from out of the blue
It's the simplest, most consistent, logical explanation for why you are so weird
You are a space alien
What planet are you from?

4. Can’t Stick ‘Em – Bear Hands 
Oh he's as strong as an ox and as wide as a moat
But by night it's always the same he's like I wanna go home

5. Lightning Strike – Snow Patrol 
What if this storm ends
And I don't see you
As you are now, ever again?
The perfect halo of gold hair and lightning

6. The Frog Prince – Keane 
Your prince's crown
Cracks and falls down
Your castle hollow and cold
You've wandered so far
From the person you are
Let go brother, let go

Here's a vid.....

Piccie time

Here's some Avengers having a pizza party from left to right: Maria Hill, Thor, Hawkeye, Bucky Cap, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man

Here's Peter and Mary Jane from Ultimate Spider-Man
Here's them again doi
Here's Danny Phantom
Here's Carol and Jess
Here's some cuties!!! 

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