Wednesday, June 5, 2013

the cat not taken

heyy gs.

so seth, nathan, kassandra came over for a late dinner and we opened presents and everything so it got to be really late and i don't have much time for this post


i will come back and add more stuff that i had planned to say to this post tonight even though it will be past midnight.

ok sorry i didn't post a fanmix last post.  i didn't read the post from june 1st until late and i didn't have time to do a fanmix in 1 day.  and i don't have one for today either just because i've been busy with a lot of stuff and forgot about it but i will catch up by saturday for sure.


okay i am back.

here are some cool things i got for my birthday!

-an autobiography of composer john adams
-a cd of philip glass's symphony no. 9
-an expansion pack to the board game kingdom builders
-some really nice new speakers
-a bunch of cool computer games
-a new rubik's cube

wow it feels so weird saying i am 20.  haha and that nathan said that we need to start planning what i am going to do on my 21st birthday next year. 

haha this is a fun website.  it tells you how negative or positive the internet is about things you type in.

it is 95.5% negative about goblin
it is 98.6% negative about parasite
it is 54.3% positive about hobbit

wow hob, apparently you are the only one of us that is loved by the internet

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