Friday, September 13, 2013

math book din

heyyyyy gs

ok??? gob didnt post???????? he better not post on the wrong day again......................

wow yeah i watched that promo bleh. i hated everything about it so much that i wish i had been still watching spn before seeing it so i could stop watching spn just bc of how much i hated it

ok well i dont really know what human torch looks like other than fire-y

human torch started the fire

it was always burning since the world's been turning

what why do they change names a lot. as if its not already confusing enough w all the spiders?? also wow sounds like spider man isnt very special after all

i dont think youve m et howard g

bleh every time you say about pringies i want em

does molly have blankets on her bed tho

yeah those glasses have kissed a good amount but i didnt think mom shipped that. she also made spock and uhura kiss which also i thought she did not

tyt about my pics

aw g you said about prings again

wtf y did a g have ice cubes in class? did she have them in a drink and took them out of there to put in her shirt bc let me tell you that there is definitely something wrong w her whether or not theres also something wrong w you

anyway nice piccies!!! i really like the crying one

ok heres song piccies


jesus of suburbia:

stronger: game of thrones
jesus of suburbia: les miserables

the next song is

the lion's roar by first aid kit

thats my post i hope you enjoyed it!!!!!

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