Wednesday, September 25, 2013

chicken ii

heyyyyy gs

oh cool. wow yeah i would prob not have wanted to watch that w/ a parent. though i guess i used to watch game of thrones w/ my mom which is way worse

are they from spiderman comics para

I PLEASE WANT SOME PRINGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bleh since you keep talking about pringies im gonna say about this piece of chocolate i just ate. it was so yummy dark chocolate w/ sea salt. yummy yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too bad it was p small and i ate the whole thing but just wondering who would have wanted to eat it

imagine mom and sharon lipsyncing for their lives w/ same hair

well now we're on wednesday which is the next day i wanted it to be. goos no work until sunday

oh dang i forgot to say a song last time. bleh im so behind and i havent done any pics again

thee next song is how i could just kill a man by charlotte sometimes

bleh there was some stuff i was gonna say what was it

oh ive been watching sleepy hollow and i really like it cuz it has some spn vibes to it but in a good way like it reminds me of s1 of spn but better cuz like instead of a woman being burned alive in the first five mins, one of the only white guys dies in the first five mins. awwww yeah. also theres john cho whcih i didnt know about until he appeared in the show.

ok goblog

i love bed

i love my pajams

i love my cats

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