Tuesday, September 17, 2013

the sinister goat

Hey gs!!!

Same I could not care at all about Breaking Bald.

Okay well clearly you are not paying attention that much.  And yeah I told you everyone's hair is not their really normal hair he dyed his hair black.

Speaking of the Human Torch today in psych class we had to get into groups of Fantastic Fours and I said I wanted to be the Human Torch and this other girl who's always in my group said she loved the Fantastic Four movie and then we both couldn't think of anyone who was in it except Chris Evans haha.

Well I don't know why are your song piccies also not labeled as beautiful drawings???

Thor Girl is like an alien girl that transformed herself into an Asgardian goddess and fights with Thor sometimes and stuff.

Mmm pringles. I think the pringles company should pay people to just go around and mention pringles in their conversations to make everyone want pringles.

I guess that's true because those are beautiful ships.  A bad influence would be if she started shipping Destiel or something.  Actually that's the only gross ship I can think of.  Wait I just thought of one.  Buffy and that boring yucky guy who's name I can't remember.  If she started shipping that we'd have a problem.

Tyt about my piccies!  Haha well I would hope it would be obvious what pic it was if you have seen it.  Haha I love that pic also it's my reaction to a lot of things.

Well I don't think it's weird for it to be cool in September, but I don't think its weird for it to be warm either like September is really just a wildcard month like it's been pretty cool these last few days but it's supposed to get into the 80s tomorrow and I don't really see anything weird about that.

Nice piccies!!! Wow I'm so glad I posted that thing about the generator because it made you draw some beautiful things!!!  Haha I like the one with Kanye and the horrible eyes!!!

Well today I had a meeting with my creative writing prof about the story I'm writing and we collectively decided that my two male main characters should fall in love at the end.

Wow seeing Thor 2 is going to be really exciting because apparently there's supposed to be trailers for both TASM 2 and Cap 2!!!!

Okay time for song piccies

Flying at Tree Level:

Weird Fishes:

Blue Lips:

Flying at Tree Level: my mad eye fic
Weird Fishes: all comics involving the "ESU crew" (Peter, Gwen, Flash, MJ, and Harry)
Blue Lips: Spider-Man: Blue

The next song is Common People by William Shatner.  Yup.

Okay now it's time for more piccies from the generator!!!

Okay I'm laughing so hard because I also drew Spider-Man as a magic girl and I drew it like a couple of days ago and it looks so similar to your version Hob omg I just

Okay and the prompt for this was "Squirrel Girl dramatic death"
This was "the main character of the last show/movie you watched as a pirate" and it was Ultimate Spider-Man so

Okay and this prompt was "Deadpool in a science fiction/fantasy setting"

Alright and here is "a Disney princess as drawn by Rob Liefeld"

And the prompt for this was "George Washington wearing a sweater that's too big"

And this was "your favorite animal as a fairy"

This was "your favorite dead character has replaced you at work/school" so yeah here's me at school

And okay the prompt for this was "the first character in your liked posts has an animal mutation" and it was Spider-Man big surprise but he already has an animal mutation so I drew him with his more extreme (but not the most extreme) animal mutation of having six arms WARNING FOR BODY HORROR

Okay!!!! Have a nice day!!!!

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