Wednesday, September 18, 2013

sweet cats are made of this

heyy gs.

last night i saw sigur ros live in indianapolis and they were soooo good!  all the climaxes of the songs were so powerful and moving.  the visuals on the screen plus the lights and fog to go with it were really cool too. we were really close up too and had a really good view.  Like not so close that we constantly had to be tilting our neck up to see everything but not too far that we couldn't see all the people in the band well.  plus the sound isn't as good if you're like only a couple feet away from the speakers.  here are some pictures my friend took!

sorry hob and para about going on and on about breaking bad in my last post.  yeah hob i get what you mean that it is kinda annoying when like so many people are always talking about it and keep going on and on and everything.  but like that happens with so much stuff like with the episode "red wedding" on game of thrones or like when the avengers came out.  like i know how you feel because even though i like those things it still gets really annoying to have people constantly talking about them and like it being everywhere on the internet.  oh well though.

oh sorry i have one thing to say about breaking bad actually that relates to something hob says but if you don't want to read it because you don't want to hear anymore about breaking bad just don't highlight the next couple of lines below this.

i just saw that george r.r. martin said that walter white (from breaking bad) is a bigger monster than anyone in westoros.  somehow i don't really believe that though.  like i think joffery is way more pure evil than walt... 

oh yeah and nice pics everyone!!  haha at first i thought that pic of spider-man with 6 arms was supposed to be doc ock but with real arms or just his mechanical arms were made to look more like real arms.

ahh something awesome that happened today was that my piece of music i wrote for string quartet got rehearsed today and i actually got to hear what it sounded like on real instruments instead of the computer realization!!!  it's going to be in an audition for a student music recital in the contemporary music festival at my school and i really hope it makes it into the recital! D: if it does, i will get a really good and high quality recording of it and i will let you gs listen to it.

blehh i have so much work to do tomorrow.  even though i could add a lot more to this post probably i should wrap it up since i'm going to have a late night getting all my work done.

okay i have a question about the game.  does it have to be things drawn by you or can you use pre-existing pictures in your picture?  because i still really suck at drawing people and i would be much better at just making cool things in photoshop.  here is proof that i am working on the game though and one of my pics that is a work in progress.  like i might even start over because i don't really like anyone's hands in the pic and also paint keeps doing that annoying thing where when you use the fill tool it leaves a trace off the last color around the edges.

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