Thursday, September 19, 2013

that one thing

heyyyyyyyyyy gs

nice posty gob. youve been doin some good posts lately that is nice. although i think you forgot to say a song but inbd cuz i already was really behind so

aw g that sounds like an awesome concert. i hope ill be able to go to more concerts now that i have a job and a license (to kill)

well i said idc if you wanna talk about breakin bad on the blog. im already used to para goin on and on on the blog about things idc about so. and ik that was a big night for breaking bad or whatevs. tho i cant for the life of me figure out what even happened. but dont say cuz who knows if i'll watch it. how does the hightlighty part relate to something ive said??

ok i thought i already said that you could do/use anything when making the pics but maybe it wasnt clear. but yeah you can use pre-existing photos and stuff. i would do that but im too lazy to open photoshop. nice work in progress pic though! it looks better than the pics i posted in m,y last post so thats somethin

yeah para ik you said everyones hair isnt their normal hair but knowing that didnt make me be able to recognize human torch cuz i dont know what his not normal hair is like

oh that reminds me that i was gonna say i cant believe that when you were making that one vid and i thought it was spiderman/captain america you didnt just tell me that the joke was that captain america and human torch are both played by chris evans like???? wow whats the big deal and also its not that funny..........

well i started not labeling mine as beautiful drawings because you didnt label yours as beautiful drawings first

NO MORE PRINGIES TALK BLEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. but yeah they should also make a pringies commercial that's just like two seconds long w/ someone standing on the screen and they say "pringles" and thats that. or just two seconds long and there's a picture of a can of pringies and thats that. or both

haha just imagone mom shipping destiel. what are you talking about though i can think of so many gross ships. even though some of them you dont know. ok here's my top gross ships:

1. sawyer/juliet (lost)
2. deastiel (spn)
3. roy/ed (fma)
4. enjolras/eponine (les mis)
5. desmond/penny (lost)
6. buffy/riley (btvs)

yuck im pukin

or what if she shipped a bad star trek ship what if she shipped kirk/mccoy bleh imo thats a pretty yucky ship. i guess she couldnt make the kirk and mccoy glasses kiss since mccoy broke. what if she was wishing she could make those kiss instead

tyt about my pics!!!

haha one time for a creative writing class i changed the names in a slash fic i wrote and turned it in

ahh icqcme for thor 2 tho not for those trailer reasons

nice piccies!!!!!!! wow thats a compliment to me that you think my magic girl pic looks really similar to yours!!!! haha jj ik what you mean and icqcml

also that six arms pic is yucky but still nice

wow so much responding what a time to be alive

ok well i went to a rupauls drag race thing on monday!!!! it was pretty craz. the best part actually was when we were waiting in line to get in and we were standing next to an alley that led to the back of the building and then we suddenly saw sharon needles standing next to the back of the building omg. and then she came over omggggggg. and she signed stuff but i didnt really have anything to sign but she signed her hair on mom's sharon needles shirt:

heres a few more pics


sharon and alaska haha:

also i took a vid of most of this really great harry potter thing that pandora did:

anyway theres more pics of fb so

wow this has been a crazy week. i kinda want it to end tbh. and by that i mean i want it to be monday bleh.

mostly i want to stop being sick

actually no i'd rather be sick for three more days than have to do things the next three days that i dont wanna

omg para the other day i saw someone say that when they were younger they tried to make a shot-for-shot remake of moulin rouge w/ another person and also they switched roles in it wow amazing

ok i only did one pic frm the generator but here's mikasa ackerman being a hipster which is hilar to me cuz she basically already looks like a hipster

now here we have my song piccies

the lion's roar:

flying at tree level:

weird fishes:

blue lips:

the lion's roar: harry potter
flying at tree level: fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
weird fishes: spongebob squarepants
blue lips: blues clues


ok i didnt have time to do the last one or two songs but i will next time

the next song is

rat a tat by fall out boy

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