Sunday, September 29, 2013

goat no more!

Hey gs!!!

Why didn't Gob post we wonder

Well I have chocolate now so

Okay the next three days can be deleted.  Or I guess it's the next two days now.  As long as I don't wake up and it's magically Wednesday because I have an exam that day and I need to study more for it

Well I still have to write the final draft and stuff but that's not due until the end of the semester so I'm not sure when I will do that.  I guess you could read it though???

Really I can't remember them ever changing Delicious for the better but idk what they are doing.  Like you can't even see how many you have of each tag like what's the point now what's all this been for

Aw g you should watch Agents of SHIELD bc it'd be so crazy like we'd both be watching a show.  But yeah it's not as annoying as Loki bc I did used to like Coulson a lot and at least people seem to at least react to his character in normal ways instead of like woobifying Loki and completely misunderstanding everything but yeah it's still annoying how Coulson is in three movies, two tv shows, a video game, and is now in the comics while Maria Hill, who has been around in the comics for eight years, is in one movie and has a super small part so far in the tv show and everyone seems to forget about her. :(

But idk I have heard a lot about Agents of SHIELD though I am in the Marvel fandom so that's expected????  Not everyone likes it and that's fine but I did find it really annoying how this one person was talking about the guy who's name is I guess Mike and not Max oops was a problematic character and therefore the whole show is horrible and everyone who watches it is a bad person.  Like???  I kind of agreed with the things that person was saying but you are allowed to think a thing is problematic and still like it???  Also it's a show about a super spy team that's actually evenly split with men and women like there's not just one token woman I mean that's amazing!!!

Okay the last ep of Breaking Bald is on tonight god when will it be on so that this can all be over

Aw g we're gonna need a new game soon.

Here's some negativity for our blog:  I hated today because I was p much writing this dumb essay all day and then there was like nothing to eat in the dining hall like why does this always happen on weekends its like its the weekend so everyone in the dining hall just gives up

Here's some not negativity though I am so excited for Friday bc I am going home for the weekend and we're gonna go to fall con!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I get to see my g and my kitties!!!!!

Okay I just have one more pic for the game though I might see if I want to do more of those other songs idk.  This is the one that got really complicated so

Okay yeah the song is Leader and it's about Avengers vs. X-Men!!!

Hob do you remember this game????

Well that's all have a nice day!!

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