Sunday, September 22, 2013

the chicken is getting thinner

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

whoa gob are you watchin orange is the new black?? jw if that what your post title is from haha. well if so then thats a good show. i still never know what paras titles are frm. im guessing episodes of a spiderman show or s/t. have they been from the same thing from the last like year or dif things??

wow wtf you already had such a busy sched it looked like how can more things go in it

para i dont know what youre saying to me either. i dont know what my question was. i forget what this convo was about

yeah but that doesnt explain why you couldnt just have given me a straight answer instead of lying to me and saying like "oh those two guys look really similar" like wtf

yeah same gob's drawing belongs in the beautiful drawings tag

bleh you talked about pringies again

oh yeah i shoulda said kirk/uhura when i was imagining bad ships mom could ship. she probably does ship them. one time when shes using the kirk glass i'll use the uhura glass and see if she makes them kiss

was it a peter/johny fic you'd already written or did you write it just for class

hahah i'll have to tell mom that her hair looks the same as sharon's hair. or at least her hair in that pic. wow that reminds me of in um that one ep of spn where anna and young mary are battling and their hair looks exactly the same but dif colors hahahahaha

i wanted it to be monday because i had so much to do the last three days and its not monday yet but it doesnt matter bc im done w/ everything now so goos. we made it through. we didnt know how lost we were

yeah same. although/...did we ever film any of it? well probs not or who knows where it is so w/e

omg!!!!!! thats so amazing about the posts being longer than the labels. although its not that way any more i guess cuz gob's last post was short. but i told you it was cuz of not having long posts and not just because there were so many labels. though i guess its still pretty long cuz we prob have to have all really long posts on a page for it to be long enough

bleghhhh we want crepes

nice piccies!!!

ok its only the afternoon rn but idk if i'll have tim e  for piccies cuz i havent started them yet. bleh ive been so busy. see heres my schedule

haha small joke

actually tbh thats the schedule for the week that just started and last week was so more busy but still. wow last week what even so many things happened thank you for letting it be over. though some good happened like the rupaul thing. wow that was less than a week ago but it seems so long ago

today hawkeye cleaned a window w/ her tongue

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