Saturday, September 28, 2013

last chicken this year

heyy gs

aw g no gob yesterday

blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh more pringie talk :(

well i miss my chocoalte. actually i have some even better chocolate that i will eat soon so

well now its almost sunday which is the day i did NOTTTTTTTTTTTTT WANT IT TO BE. bleh im deleting the next 3 days from existence. i dont think anyone will mind since its just sunday monday and tuesday

wow thats nice and crazy about your story. can i read it?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! i really wanna!!!!

aw g i havent used delicious in a long time cuz i havent read much fic for a while but thats glug. wait wtf why do they keep changing it??!? and are you sure its not just temporarily unusable but it will be changed to be better cuz isnt that what happened before??

i probably wont watch agents of shield idk. wow idk why i havent heard that much about it cuz it seems like it'd be really popular but ive seen hardly anyone talking about it. anyway i agree w you about phil like i thought he was a cool little guy but idg the huuuuuuuuuge deal tbh. though at least all the attention he gets isnt as bad or annoying as all the attention loki gets

icqcme for breaking bad to be over after tomorrow

sorry gob

blehhhh i have to work on some days that i really didnt want to have to work

at least i dont have to on my bday or the day before

bleh just burn this world to the ground

ok theres not pics

i might as well just give up

wow some of us were doing so well for like the first half of the month and now idk

i hope our game next month is an easy thing like i said i wanted

even though i liked doing this game for a while

ok im not gonna say a song

i wish noah would stop talking about what he did in his video games when we're eating dinner

and constantly changing to subject to talk about himself

in fact i wish everyone would stop talking forever

you know what there hasnt been enough negativity on this blog tbh. i miss like people saying all the things that sucked about their day or like complaining about their friends. maybe there will be more of that later in the school year. we can only hope


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