Friday, September 6, 2013

the birth of a goat

Hey gs!!!

Silly Hob, Gob had a class from 11-12 and a class from 1-2 that day!  No wonder he didn't post!!!

Yeah hopefully it will be exactly like that show with two Wolverines and two Jeans.

Idk and also idk why that guy would want to to be in that movie???? Or like why would anyone????

Uh well I haven't hung up all of my posters yet but based on how many posters I've hung up so far and how much space I have left I think I probably have room.  I didn't loft my bed so there's like all the space above my bed and stuff this time to hang them up.  I need to buy more poster tape but once I do I will hang up the rest of my posters and then I can show you my beautiful new poster!!!

Aw g we need a gosh darn game!!!

Is it beautiful smooth or just like it was before???  I can't wait to see it!!!  Aw g well maybe you should buy another Spider-Man ball because idk if I will be able to bring my ball with me on the bus when I come back to visit and we might want to play squares!!!!

Wow I'm so good at making gifs now and by so good I mean I can kind of do it!!!

Are those gifs that I made or celebratory reaction gifs???? You'll never know!!!!

Omg there was a bat in my dorm a couple of days ago like it was flying around and then it was trapped in the stairwell and  police officer was trying to get it with a net but he couldn't I guess because the next day when I went to class it was still there but I guess they got it out somehow???? I don't know I don't think it's there anymore....

Well I saw it when it was chilling in the stairwell and it was really cute but like hello how did it even get in???

I want to go to the store but I don't want to walk all the way there do you feel me

Wow I've written like 2,500 words of this story in less than 24 hours that's like some crazy nanowrimo action!!!

Okay here's the new game make a song piccie.  The first song is Hey Ya by Outkast

Okay so do that one and then do Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics.

Alright that's all I can think of.

Oh wait here's a vid I made

Okay that's it have a nice day!!!

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