Monday, September 16, 2013


heyyyy gs

well i have to start this post early cuz idk when i'll be home tonight. and bleh i havent started my pics yet so idk if i'll get those done but i'll try.

wow im so sick of hearing about breaking bad

jj gob

well not jj but its fine on the blog but just in general like i dont even have anything against it but i just wow wish everyone would shut up so tbh im glad its ending

though i might watch it

haha i wish i could forget about spn. actually i usually forget about it. whats spn?? what was i talking about?????? well i dont know or care whether its the last season so w/e

well para i still could not have told you what he looks like and also hes not blonde in that pic so

how come your song pics arent labeled as beautiful drawings when they're beautiful drawings?

ok. wtf is thor girl even


i dont think influencing mom to ship those things is bad really

tyt about my piccies!

yucky snakes

wow let me tell you that even more than the amount of sick that i am of hearing about breaking bad, im sick of hearing about that harry potter movie. and its only been a few days. just shut everyone up bleh who cares and still idgi

really nice pics!!!!!! i especially like hmmmm the lion's roar one, the amazing friends one, the texture one, the squirrel girl one, and the hawkeye one

haha in the squirrel girl one ik what pic that is that its based on

wow idg ok its been kind of cool the last few days which is so nice but like a few days ago i kept seeing people complaining about it being really hot in the middle of september when its supposed to be really cool and stuff and like???? what????? usually its barely even cool by the middle of OCTOBER. like even in minnesota its usually not cool in september like ok its still summer rn........

icqcme for fall though

i love a ship that i have

i love my pumpkin bagel

ok i didnt do my song pics but i did some super amazing pics from the generator thing (cuz i did these the other day)

here we have javert competing in the olympics:

jon snow being spiderman (featuring bonus ygritte being mary jane):

kanye west wearing what i wore to bed:

the main character in the last thing i watched (shinji ikari) crying over a tragic loss. lol thats like his favorite activity

spiderman as a magic girl:

ok buddy

our next song is blue lips by regina spektor

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